Monday, 2 December 2013

[Event] FullHouse Signature Singapore Opening Ceremony!

With thanks to the invitation from MapWerkz, I was invited to Fullhouse Signature Singapore's official opening ceremony on 30th November 2013!

*Squeals in excitement*

I was given the opportunity to invite my boyfriend and colleagues as well. (And we had a blast!)
We reached on time; just at the perfect timing to capture the below photos! :)

I spotted these cute mascots (they are EXCLUSIVE to Fullhouse Signature ONLY); and I quickly pounced on the opportunity to take a picture with them. 
(I felt so small standing next to the gigantic mascots! Hahaha)
Once in a lifetime, yo!

We were handed a goodie bag each before proceeding to the 2nd storey! :)

Heading up.. ...

I was taken aback by the sight that greeted me when I reached the 2nd floor.
I don't exactly know how to describe it, but it was like stepping into another world altogether. *gasps*
Don't believe me? Read on and you'll understand why!

The interior design of the whole restaurant is simply breath-taking; and I just love, LOVE, LOVE their wedding concept!
One thing I felt about Fullhouse Signature Singapore is that they are different from any other typical restaurant.
In fact, they are MORE than just a restaurant.

The place has been designed to look like a house that was built in Dreamland (no kidding); and even the seats are so DAMN cozy. I could make myself at home immediately with all the soft and squashy seats!

At a glance, you can tell that each and every corner of the restaurant has been painstakingly designed.

There was a small stage area (it reminds me so much of a wedding ceremony) and they have invited talented singers to perform for us:
(I was stunned by their powerful voices. Gosh)

The four main mascots of the restaurant in the form of soft toys!
It was a pity that they were not for sale at the time being (but I heard that they will be available next year). 
BUT I had the honor to view (and HUG) them first!! *Exited max*
Aren't they just so irresistibly cute?!!

I placed our drinks on the table to make them look like they were drinking from it. LOL.

Both my boyfriend and I had such an enjoyable time exploring every angle of the restaurant. We snapped photographs everywhere and anywhere!

It was like we could spot something nice in every shot.

For example, THIS:

I realized that they have alot of white dove props in the restaurant; and they really add life to the ambiance!

They have an area that specially caters to their very own merchandise as well!
From keychains and flash drives to mobile phone cases.... I am sure there is never a boring moment.

Mobile phone cases!

I just feel that they are so innovative! I bet you can see the reason why Fullhouse Signature stands out from other restaurants now.

I went on a crazy pose-and-shoot spree with anything that I spotted:

*Hao lian*

*Acting like I am the queen of a gigantic bird cage*
I actually fell in love with this cage! Imagine having one of these in your own house as you spend a peaceful afternoon alone while listening to some classical music... *feeling sentimental*

No, I swear I am not trying to strangle the dove:

And I pulled my momo in for a sudden self-shot:

These are phone quality pictures; so there is an auto filter to it!

Okay, I am sorry for spamming your computer screen with our faces. 
But I can't help it. *shrugs*

OH yes, there was lion dance troupe gracing the ceremony and it was such a delight watching them.

I guess I stood too close to the lion head..

Introducing my friendly colleagues, Jeffery and Shiqi. I believe this is the first time their faces are appearing on my blog here! :)

Random photo of the chandelier on the ceiling:
(I don't know why, but I think I have a fetish for taking pics of chandeliers. Hahaha)

Mascots making their appearance onstage!

We were treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet at the event!
They were actually cooked by their own chefs specially for the occasion.
(Sorry, I didn't manage to get good shots of this one as I did not want to jam the queue.)


I am not surprised if you are salivating now... Cos' I am!! This is so silly because I am salivating over my own photos. Oh well.

The mushroom soup that I am confident to declare it as premium quality.
It's thick (almost wheat-like), has a rich taste and simply teases your taste buds; making you crave for more with every single mouthful.
If you love the taste of mushrooms, you will definitely not want to miss it for the world.

Trust me, my stomach has never been so happy before! 

Nearing the end of the event, we went around to take MORE photos; and were pleasantly surprised by a photo booth that we can play around and take physical photos with!
There were even plenty of props, ranging from inflatable crowns, feathers, etc to choose from.
Here are two photos that were taken at the booth- and we were each given the hard copies for keepsake!!
Ah, I love photo booths. They are the IN thing now, seriously!

My momo scanned them using his scanner and I have since made it my Facebook display picture!

Group pic!

Had so much fun with the props that we tried almost all of them!

Feeling angelic so I had a halo at the top of my head! LOL:

And last but not least, ending this post with a happy pic of us enjoying the event!

I have to admit that the photographs I have taken are NOT enough to do justice to the real physical experience stepping in there. It was a real eye-opener to be standing there and admiring the interior beauty of the restaurant.
Even if it is just a simple chilling out session, I am sure you will never feel like leaving the place once you dine in and sit on their couch. I will definitely be back there again sometime ; it's worth a trip if you are someone who loves premium quality food in a non-typical restaurant.

It is located conveniently near Clarke Quay MRT as well - with around 5 minutes walk.

Address : 3A, Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04 Singapore 179020

Nearest MRT Station:
NE5 Clarke Quay MRT (about 5 mins walk)
NS25/EW13 City Hall MRT (about 10 mins walk) 
NS26/EW14 Raffles Place MRT (about 10 mins walk)

Bus Services:
54 from Scotts Road or 32 and 195 from City Hall MRT Station

River Taxi Services:
From Raffles Place MRT Station (Standard Chartered Bank Exit)

Thank you to Mapwerkz and Fullhouse Signature Singapore once again for having us at the opening ceremony!
It was certainly a memorable experience for us!

Credits: Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for helping to take so many wonderful pictures of the event as well! You are the best!

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