Saturday, 30 November 2013

Music - An Universal Langauge

One thing I love about life is the existence of MUSIC.
 (Music lovers, can you feel me?)
Granted that I may not be a super duper hardcore fan of music as you; but I still do enjoy listening and stretching my vocal chords to sing my songs of desire. (LOL)

In fact, one of my greatest dreams in life WAS (note: past tense) to be a singer. Not that I am no longer having this dream now, but I just have no time to pursue it any longer. 

Nonetheless, that doesn't stop me from supporting other local (note: SINGAPORE) potential singers who are living this dream.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail from Shan, a potential local singer who has formed his own band (ANON) and recently composed a new single. 
(And no, there is no conspiracy about the band's name here. I am not referring to THAT Anon.. If you know what I mean.)

He has specially requested me to do a review on the songs; and I thought would do it (despite the fact that I am no professional in this area) - and here it is - my humble review from the perspective of a music lover. It is actually the first time that I received such an unique review request, so I would like to thank Shan for the opportunity as well! :)

While the songs are both in Tamil, I don't think it is an affecting factor as music is universal.
As an additional bonus, the band even spent time on translating the lyrics to English! :) Just click on the captions bar when you load the video.
Thank you so much for the effort, Anon!

Now that's one thing amazing about music. Language is not a barrier; and what you need is just a soul to feel it!
(If you are a genuine music lover, I am sure you will agree to that!)

#1 song:
Kanavil Ninaivil
(Translation: In My Thoughts and Dreams)

My review:
Honestly, the front part of the melody surprised me - in a good way. It is soothing and I took an immediate liking to it.
Well, this song is actually a duet depicting the love between a boy and girl.
Seriously, if I can speak Tamil, this is a song I will definitely want to learn!

Critique:  I felt that the audio quality can be better though. The vocal parts sounded "grainy" against the music, especially when it hits the chorus. When it comes to the second part of the song on the female part, the music seems to be louder than her vocals.

#2: Va Va Penne

This is a very upbeat and fast song; and is actually quite catchy! I am sure that this is an ideal song to sing if a guy is chasing after a girl. (Haha)
Unlike the previous song, it is less emotional.
This makes you feel like getting on your feet and dance! I was actually imagining a dance while playing the song.

General view: What I like about Anon's music is that DESPITE the songs being sung in Tamil, I actually love the melody and beat. I was surprised that my brain is able to play out the melody by itself even after the song has stopped. Hahaha. Their music has a catchy element in it; and that is what I think of as a quality song.

So.. Go on, tell me - which is your favorite?!
I would prefer Kanavil Ninaivil more - it gives me a nice sensation while listening at night!

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