Thursday, 16 January 2014

"I don't feel proud to be a Singaporean" - Stephanie Koh/Steph Micayle

So I came across this piece of "I-don't-feel-proud-to-be-a-Singaporean" news on STOMP, which made its headlines shortly after the interview video was released.

Initially, all I saw was this screenshot of a sweet-looking girl. (At this stage, I was only judging a book by its cover. "Hmm," I thought to myself. "Not bad-looking".)

But gosh, I had the horror of my lifetime when I was watching the video. I don't know exactly how to put it, but she doesn't really give off a very good vibe the moment she began talking.
The "I-don't-give-a-damn-to-what-you-think" attitude was SO NOT APPEALING AT ALL. (I am not criticizing her for the sake of criticizing - If you have watched the Kpop Star Hunt 3 episodes, you'll see what I mean.)
The episodes are still ongoing.

Anyway, back to her razorTV interview - She dropped the big bomb when she claimed that she doesn't feel proud to be a Singaporean.. and went on to rant on how Singaporeans lack creativity, etc.
Needless to say, the recorded interview offended many who have watched it. 
I was trying so hard to remain neutral - but boy, was it hard. 

In case you still have no idea who she is (but I am sure most people do by now), her name is Stephanie Koh, or more widely known as Steph Micayle
Perhaps this video of her might ring a bell - as her acoustic version of "Gangnam Style" went viral previously.

No doubt I do think she is talented. In fact, VERY. I love the way she sings; and I do agree that the future seems to be bright ahead for this young girl.
BUT... As bad as it sounds, I have to say that her attitude SUCKS BIG time. You can't deny it from the way she talks - it was like she's some high-and-mighty princess who doesn't care less of what others think. No, don't get me wrong, I am not talking about the content of her video yet. Let's just focus on her portrayed personality first.

Somehow, her accent is quite off-putting. Seriously, in what way does she sound like a Singaporean? Oh wait- she doesn't appreciate being one anyway. *laughs*
Oh well, it's obvious how she is trying to be a man-made ang moh - with a name such as "Steph Micayle" and having a thick fake accent that I have no idea which country of accent she is trying to make people think she is from. 
Not sure if anyone notices that she tilts her head alot when she talks (and even rolling her eyes at some point).. It reminds me so much of an arrogant bi*ch that everyone hates at high school. Is that some kind of over-confidence symptom? *grits teeth*

Since then, she has made another video to elaborate on her points WHY she isn't proud to be a Singaporean:

Yaddah-Yaddah.. and she has this sudden growth of fans after posting this - Many seem to be supporting her viewpoint since she indeed did make a few valid points about "majority" of the Singaporeans.
Yes, no doubt that she managed to speak the hearts of our people out there - but come on, WHERE ARE THE GOOD POINTS ABOUT SINGAPORE? All you can ramble on is just the education system, and how narrow-minded and pathetic you have made Singaporeans sound to be.
Freedom of speech is your thing, huh?
As much as she dislikes Singapore, nobody appreciates her presence here as well - Why do we need someone here who feels ashamed to represent us when it comes to international competitions? 

You can disagree with the lifestyle here (nobody gives a damn), but does that really deter you from taking pride in being a Singaporean?

Personally, I feel that Singapore should be a place for people who appreciate being here. Yes, you may think negatively of Singapore, but never forget that there are pros and cons to everything. 
It's not easy that Singapore is being shaped to what it is like now - and looking back, we sure have came a long way. 

I apologize for my spur of anger - Everyone knows I am a proud Singaporean and that one-liner "I don't feel proud to be a Singaporean" kinda' got on my nerves.

Stephanie Koh/Steph Micayle, I dislike you.
Get a life (Not in Singapore, please)

Okay, so there are many of you out there who have begged to differ regarding my previous post on Steph Micayle/Stephanie Koh.
Yes, no doubt that she has gained alot more supporters after she posted her rebuttal video, in which a hell lot of Singaporeans have wrote of how she managed to "speak their hearts", how "spot on" her points were, etc etc.
Granted that she was able to voice out what you may not have been able to, but I was not targeting my blog entry on the content of her video.
I was more towards her personality or character as an individual, which I think it pretty sucks.

She throws her tantrum when thing don't really go the way she wants; and doesn't seem to be able to accept opinions from others in a graceful manner.
In situations when she felt that she has a point, she would speak up fiercely for herself and doesn't give a damn about what others feel.
Such arrogance and selfishness... I am glad she didn't win the title of Champion in the Kpop Star Hunt.


  1. "You can disagree with the lifestyle here (nobody gives a damn), but does that really deter you from taking pride in being a Singaporean?"

    Our lifestyle define who u are. If she disagree with Singaporean lifestyle, how could she take pride in being a Singaporean??

    1. Look at the Thais, their country is in trouble for countless years and what did they do? They stood up and try change things for the better in the name of patriotism. Did they hate their country despite all the issues? No, simply because its the land they are born in.

      Steph supporters are seriously blinded. I give her merit for her guts in speaking her mind but in no way she is even fit to say that Singaporeans are generally not nice.

      This is one b*tch who managed to turn things around someway by speaking some of your heartfelt grievances but that isn't going to label this b*tch as a hero. Get it straight and don't support blindly.

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  3. Solid and well said. I hate that b*tch to the bone. I have bashed her countless times on Stomp.

    Stay young, proud, happy and keep bashing Steph Micayle, the sudo westerner who lost her roots and trying to be someone that no one knows. She claims Singaporeans are not nice people, how nice is she? She claims she doesn't want to be portrayed as a fake but hell! Whats that Steph Micalye and that fake accent about? That's as fake as it can be. A fake accent and a fancy name wont change your skin white. Deal with it!

    1. A "b*tch" is a female dog. Is that what women are considered in Singapore? I surely hope not. As an Asian country with Asian values, we treat women with respect.

  4. actually this girl also ask what else good about being singaporean?
    and my response are there is a lot thing you can find in singapore
    me my self, am a half singaporean the half other is indonesian.
    if you think that singapore is really bad then answer my following questions :
    1. why a lot of expats come to work and invest in singapore?
    answer: singapore is a stable countries strategic place to start a business
    2. have you ever being poor?
    No right? i dare this girl to live in jakarta with a job less than 1000 sgd ? can she survive. this one will prove that sg is better
    you may hate the system but you cannot hate the country YOU DID NOT FIGHT FOR THE WAR
    as on my case i am forced to take indonesian citizenship due to regulations 1994 inter nation mariages is not allowed i experience what this girl did not feel
    3.this to answer her bloody question what elso good about SG???
    Only singapore in south east asia have free 30 days Visa to almost all countries in the world

    1. 1. Whilst many expatriates from other 1st world countries come to work in Singapore, they do not choose to take up Singapore citizenship. Why please? Many people from the 3rd world take up Singapore citizenship and then use it as a stepping stone to move on to other 1st world countries. Those who do not often have the option of returning home after having made money in Singapore. Indian citizens can obtain OCI or overseas citizenship of India which enables them to return home to India. Filipinos can return to the Philippines to live despite acquiring Singapore citizenship. It is in their legislation.
      2. Poverty is relative. How much you earn and what you can afford on the wages you earn depends on the cost of living in a country. Mercer 2015 cost of living lists Singapore as 4th most expensive in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit 2015 lists Singapore as the most expensive in the world. The Worldwide Cost of living (WCOL) 2015 finds Singapore the most expensive city in the world. Singapore is pretty much either number one or way, way up there when it comes to being the most expensive place in the world to live in. What it means is that how many people in Singapore can sit in front of their house and look onto an open field of their own land and not have neighbours above them, to the left and right of them and below them. Singaporeans might earn more but cars cost much more than oh say America, Australia or even probably Indonesia. Many Indonesians work in Singapore, take their hard earned money home and when they convert it are "rich".
      3. How many days in a year can someone travel?
      Both Singapore and Indonesia have good and bad points but always look at things critically and realistically.

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