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[WARNING: NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!] Back to the Old School times!

I have no idea why I am feeling so much nostalgia these days that inspire me to post this entry.
Somehow I miss, as in... I REALLY miss those days when I was a young kid - being taken good care of by my parents, playing with my toys without giving a damn to what was happening in the world. Isn't that one of the advantages of being a kid?

 Life was all about you, yourself and still YOU. There was no financial burden, political issues, relationship problems... All you cared about was just probably your HotWheels toy or five stones.. or maybe you were outdoors playing a round of zero point or hopscotch with your neighbors and friends.
If you are not feeling the nostalgia already, I'm gonna' post some old-school photos here (credits to: http://www.facebook.com/irememberSG) that I have experienced through MY childhood days! Let's see if you are around the same era as me..

(Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE PHOTOS HERE. If you happen to be the owner of the pic and would like it to be removed, please let me know!)


Pagers!! I am glad I have been through this era when I thought owning a pager was so cool! Unfortunately,  I never got around to actually owning one - except having a toy version of it. My sister was luckier though - She was old enough to own a pager at that age -and  I remembered hers was a blue one!

But hey - Doesn't this particular model appeal to you as well (I had the toy version of it!)?

#2: Mobile phones! (Yes, the old school Nokia times!)

Gosh, this picture brings back so many memories as well. Remember those times when mobile phones seemed to be mainly revolving around Nokia and Motorola only? (Heck Apple, it wasn't even much of a mention during those times!)
I miss the old school midi-like ringtone, and the pride I felt just by owning one Nokia 3120. LOL. Not to mention that nobody was worried about battery life, etc. Come to think of it, mobile phones have indeed came a long way and have transformed quite enormously!
I am sure you have owned a Nokia at least once in your lifetime... Right?

I used to be ADDICTED to this game, which could be found in every old-school Nokia phone. Yes, it's none other than the classic SNAKE game. Darn, I could spend hours and hours trying to beat my own high score! It was such a fun game; one that I would never fail to play in the toilet when I was shitting. *Ahem, excuse me. Cough*

#3: Nintendo Game Boy

OMG. Look at all the game cartridges! Remember all those 100-in-1 games that were widely sold in electronic stores? Think Super Mario, Ping Pong, Tennis, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Pokemon etc.
If I am not wrong, I own 3 different Gameboy consoles throughout the years. I began with the color version (as illustrated in the above picture), and eventually ended with the DS version.
I would spend so much time battling the Pokemons, catching wild ones in the woods, etc. A pity that I am not that much into games anymore, but those would be memories that are etched in my mind for as long as I live. Come on, they made up a part of my childhood, too! How about you? 

#5: Brick Game

Okay, I think this appeared way before the Gameboy, right?? (I'm not completely sure, just making a wild guess) BUT hey, I had this one too! Granted that there were not many games contained in this console (it only has Tetris in it), but it was already enough to keep my entertained for hours! The joy of seeing the bricks disappearing as I matched them in a row was just so addictive. In fact, I remembered hallucinating those bricks even when I closed my eyes just before I slept! LOL. Speaking about obsessed.

#5: Beyblades

Hmm. I didn't really own a Beyblade, but I have definitely been through those times when Beyblades were furiously trending. Mind you, one Beyblade wasn't cheap, you know.
I remembered my ex-classmates would bring them to class and played them, and I unexpectedly got myself a pirated version; which was just as fun except that it wasn't the real thing. (Oops, forget I said this. Please)

#6: Aeroplane Chess

Aeroplane chess! I owned one, but I don't really remember exactly playing it. Nonetheless, this is considered a part of my childhood board game collection.

#7: Alphabet erasers

The alphabet erasers! Collecting them all in a full set was such a trend! I had lots of them back in my time, and most of them were well-used! There were the alphabet version and flags one, too! I think these erasers serve an educational purpose as well. Are you one of its avid collectors too??!

#8: Chocolate Waffle Biscuit

The waffle biscuits that could be found in party packs during birthdays! I remembered my classmates distributing their packs (myself included) ; and it would be inclusive of this waffle biscuit!
That's some nice Ovaltine candies! I think there are still places in Singapore that are selling them. Nonetheless, they are still a part of my childhood! Not to forget Horlicks as well!

#9: Ovaltine candies

I loved these! I couldn't decide which I preferred better - Ovaltine or Horlicks. I think these candies are still available somewhere in Singapore in some mama shops. Have any of you spotted this?

#10: Mcdonald's Coupons
Hoho. I somehow remember this! I would cut out coupons from newspapers (unlike now, when e-coupons and MMS-style are so mainstream) for Mcdonald's Value Meals! 

#11: Ding Dang and Tora chocolates (+ Toys!)

YES YES YES. Both were my all-time favorites! I would often find myself in a dilemma between both. (Somehow, I felt that Tora had better toys, but it was more expensive)
 I admit I was not that into the chocolates... BUT the mysterious toys that came in the box. Sometimes, I "weighed" the boxes in my hand and attempted to figure out which would have better toys. Heavier = Better toys. Hahaha, that used to be my mentality. Was it just me, or did anyone have similar style too?

#12: Whistle candies (I don't really know what they are called)

I have always been fascinated by these circle-like candies. They produced whistling sounds when you blow one using your mouth. Kids my age at that time would use these to irritate the adults, and hey, it was pretty funny!

#13: Disc Biscuit?

Okay, I don't really know what they are called, but those biscuits were definitely a part of my childhood! They were commonly found in mama shops, etc. I remembered the taste being sweet and the biscuits would melt in my mouth! Somehow, I am starting to have a craving for these. Where can I find them now?!?!

#14: Pola snack

Pola snacks! Not really that nostalgic to a large extent since they are still readily available now (In fact, I just had one weeks ago).. But I have to compliment on the taste! These animal biscuits are quite salty, but are strangely addictive. I remembered buying them from the tuckshops during my primary school days using 20 cents. Haha.

#14: Chocolates

Since young, I have always thought that these were cheap imitations of M&M chocolates! Yes, they actually look quite similar, but somehow have different tastes.
 Cheap as they may be (it cost around 10 or 20 cents per packet), these became a part of my childhood as well.

#15: Ice popsticks
AH, I love SUCKING from these! Those were commonly sold at 10 and 20 cents each. They were trending like wildfire during my primary school days. It was such a usual sight to see kids sucking them after school hours in their school uniform! My usual practice was to break it into half and shared with my mum. Ah, those were the days... ..

#16: Paddle Pop Ice-cream

I would call this rainbow ice-cream because of its colors. It tasted unique; and just right for my taste buds. I know Paddle Pop still exists, but just not that easily found now.

#17: Flying Gliders

Ah, was this sold at $1 (if I am not wrong?) I had them! These gliders were made of Styrofoam-like material and could glide quite swiftly. I would throw them as high as I could, and they would bump into the wall and fell. Hahaha.

#18: Assorted Rubber balls

OMG, this has got to be one of my favorites as a child - Bouncy rubber balls! They would come in these kinda machines as pictured below; and there were so many random various designs that appealed to me so much. I remembered those smaller-sized balls cost me $0.20, and the bigger ones at $0.50.
Yes, I have a huge collection of them - and they are still in my house, stashed away somewhere!

#19: Collectible trading cards

Laser/Hologram cards! Those cost $0.20 from the card machines!! I would target the design I wanted - and prayed hard that I would REALLY be that lucky.
Somehow,I ended up with a huge collection of such cards as well, ranging from Digimon, Pokemon, celebrities' photo cards and even my favorite ones from Huan Zhu Ge Ge drama series!
Those cards were trending furiously then ; and collectors would exchange with one another if they had similar cards.

Yes, this is a pic of the machine! So DAMN nostalgic and I am sure it would be found in a museum somewhere in future. LOL.

#20: Phonecards

Do you remember these phonecards?! I was an avid collector! Those were the days when not everyone had the luxury to own mobile phones or computers with internet connection. My mum would often buy these to call back to her relatives in Malaysia, and I would be waiting for her to use up the value in the card just so I could add them to my collection! One of the reasons why these cards were worth collecting was because of the different designs. I would follow my mum to the nearest store and choose the design that I wanted. Some were even limited editions!! *squeals in joy* Such simple life desires then. Ah.

#21: Pop Pop sand...crackers?

OMG the POP POP white crackers that can create really some LOUD "POP" sounds when thrown on the floor! I was so fascinated by them! In fact, my bff and I have been searching for these everywhere, in the hope that we can play with them again. If anyone has any information about it, please... let us know! :) 

#22: Pick-up sticks

Pick-up sticks anyone?! It was such great joy to play with my dad and friends in the past. One slightest movement of any stick and you shall lose your turn. Does anyone still play it now that mobile phones have taken over ALMOST every childhood game?!

#23: Tamagotchi 

I was so PROUD to finally own one after my dad GAVE IN to my demands. I was such a little brat... I refused to let my dad sleep until he verbally agreed to get one for me, which he eventually did. It was considered one of the latest technology during that time - and I was so fascinated by the idea of having an electronic pet.
It wasn't cheap at that time (but I knew nothing about hard-earned money when I was just a kid).. So hey, I love you, my dear daddy! Thank you for getting me one after much of my nonsensical persuasion.

#24: Mcdonalds' Happy Meal Toys

I love all these collection, and I fondly remember the Sesame Street beanie series! No, I didn't collect them all, but I had a few. They are so adorable, aren't they? I just love collecting Happy Meal toys from Macdonalds', and I can say that I grew up with them.

#25: Stickers

Collecting stickers were one of my favorite hobbies! (Alongside with collecting phonecards. Haha) I have always had a great fascination for stickers, especially hologram-like ones. I remembered having Doraemon, Hello Kitty, random cats/dogs stickers... and a few were given by doctors who praised me for being a good sport when I visited their clinics with my dad. Aww. Such sweetness. Will any doctor still give me stickers now?! *thick-skinned*

#26: Card games

Old Maid, Donkey, Happy Family card games.... I remembered these cost around 60 to 80 cents for one pack! It was great fun to play with a group of friends. Those were the times when mobile apps didn't exist at all.. and PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAD REAL, PHYSICAL FUN.

#27: Autograph/Diary books

GOSH #()$*()#$. I grew up in this trend, all the way straight up to my secondary school days! Kids at my era would be found having beautiful autograph books, which we would pass around in class. We would write our profile (such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc) using different colored pens ... and ended with some cheesy friendship poems. I was quite a fickle-minded child though, I kept changing different autograph books and would get my classmates to write over and over again.

#28: Bubble Blower

Heck, I wasn't really good at blowing these. I would often get my dad or friends to blow them for me, and I would be having so much fun with the transparent, sticky temporary bubble-looking balls. They are still around somewhere, just that nobody really plays them anymore.

#29: LaoFuZi comic books

I am sure any of you reading this blog entry here would have heard of this famous LaoFuZi comic series. I would never get tired of them, and could even read them repeatedly during toilet breaks and such.

#30: Mr Kiasu

Mr Kiasu! I read alot of MR Kiasu comics from the library - and they were great! Now let's see if I am able to get them from the libraries again... I would love to read them after such a long while.

#31: PETS Coursebook

Homework, homework, homework.. Does that give you the jitters? What used to be a nightmare has since became a fond memory. I remembered the PETS coursebook very well - that came along with the PETS Worksheets that were not pictured here, unfortunately.
There were different pets that represented different educational levels! Which was your favorite? I guess mine was the squirrel!

#32: Computer

Yes, the times when such computers were considered the latest technology. Huge CPUs, monitors... It's really fascinating how computers have transformed to what they are like now. In the past, there were no DVD writers, had low internal storage, etc. Heck, Internet was expensive those days as well. My childhood consisted of games that came in CD-roms. Sim City 2000, The SIMS, etc.
Games of that era couldn't be downloaded (unlike now =_=), so being able to own games in CD-roms were somewhat... exciting.
*EDIT* I found one super nostalgic video that had me buzzed back to the past. This is Sim City 2000, a game that I used to play with my elder sister when I was very young!

#33: Diskettes (Floppy Disks)

3 and a half floppy discs! These were used as main storage media devices, way back before thumbdrives and external HDDs came into view! I am proud to be through this era because I always thought I was a clever kid to copy and paste computer games in it. LOL.

#34: Sony Discman

I planned to own one, but eventually never did. If I was not wrong, I took one over from my sis, who was always a step ahead of me in terms of technology. Haha. Those were the non-MP3 player times. Music wasn't even readily available for download during those era. People actually spent money to purchase original CD albums!! Who was the market spoiler that started the music download trend?!?!

#35: Interesting Pencils...

I am sure many would remember this. I had them in my pencil boxes and I could switch the leads as and when I wanted!

#36: Hao Gong Ming (Good Citizen) text book

I'm curious, does this still exist in primary schools today? These were textbooks that educate children on how to be a good citizen.
But I guess people like Steph Micayle/Stephanie Koh hasn't been through this era before. LOL.

#37: Shoe Whitener

Remember these school shoes?! Those shoe whiteners were so handy and useful in making the shoes look white!

#38: Kodak Films

Back to the non DSLR or digital camera times. When I was young, my dad would take me to the Kodak store and purchase such films before any family outings or overseas trip. Those were the times when photographs did not exist in soft copies; and somehow it was an exciting feeling to be looking forward to how the photos turned out when we collect them from the store!

#39: Public telephones

Sadly, these were no longer around. I think they are still useful despite the fact that we have mobile phones in terms of emergency usage. These were hugely popular during the pager days, when people would need one to call back whenever they received a page.

#40: Public buses

Remember this design of the bus?! So retro! I have to admit that I used to love non air-con buses better than air-conditioned ones as I preferred the natural breeze more.
Carbon monoxide aside, it was actually a "shiok" feeling having my hair fly all over my face as the bus sped! (Windows seat FTW!)

Okay, there are actually a LOT more nostalgic objects that are worth a mention in this entry, but I guess there are simply too many to name! Probably I shall do a Part 2 sometime. 
Remember to share this post if you like it and have been through the era! :)

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  1. OMG babe! I love this entry of yours! Not a follower, but came across your blog when I googled 'PETS school textbooks'. I can soooo relayed to all the pics hahaha! Guess we are of the same era huh? Have a good one! :)