Sunday, 12 January 2014

Online shopping VS Physical shopping

This blog entry is not an advertorial ; but just my thoughts on ONLINE SHOPPING and PHYSICAL SHOPPING.

Let's see if you do share the same sentiments... ..

Online Shopping Vs Physical Shopping


- You don't really feel the pain of money draining from your bank account when you make online purchases. Sounds aggressive, I know. But it's a true fact when it comes to online shopping. Come on, are you the guilty one?

- You'll tend to buy MORE than what you initially planned to. (Remember those times when you would just do a "casual" browsing at the web page, and you ended up checking out a number of items that you never thought you would need/be getting?)

- With online shopping, you can basically (or technically) shop 24 hours without being afraid of closing hours or being observed by shop assistants. All you'll need is a mouse or an "enter" button.

- Online shopping makes you lazy. At times, you don't really see the reason to go physical shopping when you can just hug your pillow and surf the net at the comfort of your own home.)

- Gone were the times when you would purchase from a physical store immediately without checking the prices online. Yes, a retail shop will not be able to beat the online prices. 

- Online shopping includes INTERNATIONAL shopping - and one does not need any air ticket to fly to that particular country to get them.

- You are able to filter your searches and look for specific items that you want ; instead of sourcing painstakingly for them in physical stores. It makes everything a whole lot easier, does it not? *smiles*

-Online shopping gives you more room for consideration. How convenient it is to read reviews before making your purchase! There is no obligation too. No hard-selling. No nothing.

Ah, I am not saying that physical shopping isn't ideal - It has its advantages, too.

A physical shopping trip can give you the utmost retail therapy you'll ever need. You will be able to touch the items physically (some shoppers like to feel them using their hands. LOL) and get them immediately off from the shelves without any waiting time. In addition, a shopping experience with family and friends is like no other! :) 

So what about me?
I guess I am a neutral - I LOVE BOTH online and offline shopping. Online shopping adds more to the "surprise" factor, and I am always excited to look forward to my items during its delivery. Needless to say, I tend to spend more online than offline. 

However, there is something that I'll not really make purchases on - and that would be SHOES. As much as I often come across OMG-SO-AMAZING shoes that I would fall head over heels with, I restrained myself from getting them as it's kinda.. risky (due to the size issue!)

Despite the fact that shoe size charts are often provided, you can never really trust them as different manufacturers have different cuttings. What you think you can fit may not be the case.(Imagine the disappointment you will feel upon the discovery that you are unable to fit into the shoes that you have been looking forward to!)
Not only that, you will not be able to test the comfort level of the shoes - which can only be known when you wear them. (And this is only possible in physical stores!)

I have read many shoe reviews from buyers who would complain of such issues. Shoes are either too big, or too small when it comes to different cuttings. So.. I guess they would be something I'll refrain from buying online!

Ah, what about you? Are you more of an online shopper, or an offline one? =P


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