Sunday, 5 January 2014

[Shameless] So You are looking for a BOYFRIEND... ...

Seriously, what IS wrong with the mindset of females lately?

After my previous post on the now-infamous Heather Chua, (click to read it if you haven't) here comes another joker that I came across on TheRealSingapore website.

Basically, it's about a local Singaporean girl who resides in Australia - and she is currently calling out for a potential boyfriend who is able to fit her bill.
It's definitely not as easy as it sounds though. What may seem like an innocent-looking title "I want to find a boyfriend" comes with a HUGE price -that is, if you ever are interested to contact her.

She has listed her expectations of her ideal partner in the open letter, and oh boy, did they sound ridiculous.
I am sure I am not the only one having my blood boiled here after reading the whole chunk of text.

Read on if you do not mind to hear about how such girls CAN indeed exist.

As stated in the first paragraph of her letter.. (in which you can tell that she doesn't really have the courtesy to write in a nicer/polite tone)

1) "I am not a patient person and I especially hate wasting my time and waiting for guys who are never online to talk."

2) "I have very expensive taste and I enjoy the finer things in life. I am not a simple girl with simple tastes. I simply refuse to have a boring housewife life where I just manage the home and take care of the kids and not have a life of my own. I want a guy who will provide me with an extravagant lifestyle- he must be able to take me on expensive cruises and holidays and stay at 5 star hotels and dine at the finest restaurants and take me on shopping sprees. I want a guy who treats me like a princess all the time."

3) "I'll tell you upfront that I am looking for a rich guy. He must be financially able to pay for EVERYTHING- bills, petrol, groceries, mortgage, kids, wedding, honeymoon, etc...and I should not have to pitch in a single cent. I am NOT paying for anything. With me, there is no such thing as ‘going halves’, ‘you pay this, I pay that’ or 'let's split the expenses'- none of that nonsense. I believe the guy pays for everything and I am never backing down from that ever. If that doesn’t suit you, don’t click the ‘contact’ button. It’s simple."

4) " I also want the sort of guy who would give me access to his money without questions without reservations. It’s about trust and the guy I ultimately choose must be able to give me that."

After penning down so much of your expectations... I have one question burning in my head:
So you mean.. not a single cent of the money you earn shall be used on your potential boyfriend?
And it will be something like,

"OH, it's Valentine's Day. Come on, darling. Buy me gifts. Buy me some big diamonds. Make me happy. Take me to high-class restaurants. But you get NOTHING from me, OK?"

Searching for a boyfriend or true love isn't an one-sided thing. It seemed as though she is just effortlessly waiting for the perfect one to come to her without having to do ANYTHING.

Hello, are you seeking for God or a boyfriend?

Firstly, you are not someone of high status yourself. The mentality of having someone worthy enough to be your boyfriend is just so silly. Come on, prove that you are worthy to be treated that way FIRST. 

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having idealistic expectations. BUT THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG IF YOU THINK YOU ARE SO DESERVING, especially after displaying such a stuck-up attitude... so much that it's off-putting.

I am not sure if you (after reading her letter) may feel the same way as I did - that is, how she managed to make everything sound like people OWE her.

Come on, you are LOOKING for a boyfriend. Instead of being humble and appreciative of guys that initiate contact, you are throwing in so many demands and making it sound like you are one hell of a precious gem that's too good to be missed.

Do you expect people to treat you the way you asked for, based on just mere descriptions of yourself?
Judging from the way you write (despite the fact that I have to admit your grasp of the English Language is good), one can simply judge that you are a self-centered soul... A nightmare a guy can ever have.

Honestly, I am not surprised if she is still single. (Probably some self-reflection in the mirror may help?)

Well, I appreciate how her personality seems to show through though - At least, the guy will know what he is in for in advance.
Whatever it is, her future boyfriend is not going to have it easy...
Unless he is up for a lifetime challenge.


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