Friday, 3 January 2014

Summarizing In Pictures

It has been a crazily fun period lately, and I am putting up a blog entry just to summarize my life in pictures!
My apologies as  there are no high resolution images since all of the pics below were taken using my Samsung S3.
You know, having a smart phone means that I am getting lazier to bring an actual camera out due to its bulkiness - unless I am attending events, which goes without saying as I wouldn't want to deliver shitty pictures to my sponsors and clients.

Anyway.. Here goes:

Firstly, I went to Hong Kong with my BFFs.
(Yeah... Right.. Dream on. This was actually an advertisement backdrop at a local MRT station =_=)
In fact, this photo below deserves a special mention as it was taken by a passerby who probably thought that we were looking pathetic since we were found squatting down and trying to do a self-shot. Oh damn.

It has been a looong while since the 3 of us hung out together as a trio. Talk about a Girls' Day Out! :)
Lo' and behold' - I was a 7-11 mascot for the day.

NOOOO - I was not paid in any way for this. I was just dressing up for fun - much to the amusement of many onlookers.
(In case you are wondering where I got that tee from... YES, I got it during my Bangkok trip!)

It seemed like I had to stop and take a photograph for every 7-11 that I came across.
Seriously, how about hiring me to be your actual mascot, 7-11? 

We had a walkabout at Watsons; and I stopped short in my tracks when I noticed the store was having SALES!

Yes, you save $0.10!! Lai ah~ Lai ah~ Huge discount!

We ended up taking night scenery shots:
(Yes, we were really walking around aimlessly!)

No, we did not spend much money- but it was a happy trip. You know, the activities do not really matter when you are with your close friends.

Thank you for being a huge part of my life!
This may seem like a pointless entry, but having blogged it here is like part of my life journal.

And ohhh.. Before I end this entry on a happy note...


P/S: And oh, oh... I have gotten myself a new bag from my latest online shopping spree! Danny Bear bag! Cute, huh?!
Just in case you are wondering, I got it from Taobao. (Who says China goods are bad?!)

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