Friday, 24 January 2014

Anton Casey - Is he really repentant?

Seriously, what is happening to the people in Singapore recently?
First, we have Heather Chua (who turned out to be a guy in disguise)... Followed by Steph Micayle (the arrogant i-am-not-proud-to-be-a-singaporean girl).. and now to this British ang moh, Anton Casey, who made headlines due to his perspective of how POOR we are.

All of them have one thing in common - Stepping on Singaporeans' tails.
(Honestly... Is mocking or looking down on others a kind of trend now?)

It all started with this:

"Daddy where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

(Photo Courtesy of

And this:
(Yes, that's his freaking face on the left)

"Ahhhhhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume. once I have washed the stench of public transport off me FFS!"

*shakes head*
Train commuters = Poor people?
I suppose he should get his facts right before making such remarks that are uncalled for.
He may be rich materialistically, but he is definitely not in terms of his personality as a human being.

Owning a car in Singapore doesn't classify you as "rich". 
Being an "ang moh" here doesn't make you superior.

You are a foreigner here - with both your feet stepping on the grounds of SINGAPORE. Instead of appreciating the fact that your presence is accepted here (which I think was a huge mistake) , you chose to bite the hand that feeds you.
Does criticizing the locals and showing how "highly-class" you are make you feel good in some way? Is that how you, Anton Casey, has been living your life this way?

Not only that, does it make you feel better that your five-year-old son is involved in this shit as well? (Yes, the kid IS innocent, but look at you - people are feeling sorry for him that he has such a dad as it's apparent that he doesn't have a good upbringing)

Yes, according to the latest report - This Anton Casey has since made an apology. 
BUT think about it..
If this matter wasn't blown to such extent or had the netizens not CSI-ed out his details which posed a threat to his family, would he have apologized?
Is the apology sincere, or only happened out of fear?
(Seems like he underestimated the CSI abilities of netizens)

His initial attempt to change his Facebook name already explained everything. 
He tried to hide and escape from being exposed of his identity - but was unfortunately successfully sought and left with no choice but to answer for his own actions.
It's right that people deserve second chances, but it all boils down to his mindset and mentality. 
Is he really repentant of his actions; or is he apologizing for the SAKE of apologizing just to appease Singaporeans and salvage that 0.1% of his reputation? 

I hope that this case serves as a good lesson for others out there.
Watch your words and THINK TWICE before expressing them. It is not entirely true when people say that Internet is a platform for freedom of speech.
It doesn't mean that you are restricted to your thoughts - but I believe a person who is sensitive enough would not have put his messages across in such manner like Anton Casey's.

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