Thursday, 6 February 2014

I am a Style Advisor for GlassesOnline (Malaysia and Singapore)

If you haven't noticed *points to the badge on the right sidebar* - I am a Style Advisor for Glasses Online Malaysia and Glasses Online Singapore !

So what is GlassesOnline all about, you ask?
If you LOVE wearing glasses, sunglasses, contact lens like I do, then you SHOULD hear all about it.
GlassesOnline is an online retailer that offers you a wide variety of them - and they come in different brands for both men and women. Think Ray Ban (my favorite!!) , Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. Don't worry though, they offer one of the best prices around in the market - so you can't go wrong on this one.

When I was contacted to be their Style Advisor (Thanks, Antonella!), I was thrilled as I had the opportunity to mix and match different styles to match an pair of sunglasses that I was assigned with.

Before you start mocking at my sense of fashion, check out my masterpiece: (Thanks, GlassesOnline, for the final compilation!)

When I first saw the brown Ray Ban Matt Aviators, I was inspired to create something brownish in general. 
I was thinking of cowboy fashion or something along that line (but in this case it's more of a cowgirl. LOL).

So how do you guys like it?! :) 

Actually, I feel that sunglasses is a very versatile object - You can mix and match with even just casual wear, too. 
I just love the wide range of designs that Ray Ban offers! Of course, that's just personal preference.

And yes, I know that it is easy to find non-original sunglasses/aviators that looks like the real deal elsewhere at a much cheaper price.. But believe me, they WON'T last. I need to emphasize on this because I am speaking from personal experience.
For the fakes, the color of the sunnies actually FADES off upon contact with liquid. So you get what you pay for!

If you are seeking for AUTHENTIC sunglasses and stuff such as contact lenses or glasses at a reasonable price, do feel free to take a look at GlassesOnline - They offer *FREE* delivery to your doorstep too!

Best of all, they are available at both Malaysia and Singapore as well! (SAY YAY!!)
My masterpiece was recently featured on both their Facebook pages.. So check it out! Haha.

For Malaysians, visit their Malaysia website at:
Or visit their Facebook page for interesting updates and fashion inspiration!

For Singaporeans, visit their Singapore website at:
Or visit their Facebook page for interesting updates and fashion inspiration!

I am sure there is something for everyone!


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