Monday, 17 February 2014

OOTD Feature & River Safari Trip!

As an online shopaholic (and am proud of it) by nature, nothing beats the kind of satisfaction I get when I receive the items in my hands and discover that they look better than I imagined.

Since I am such a regular when it comes to online shopping, I understand the concerns of a typical shopper. Like many out there, I am often worried if the particular item looks true to the pictures as posted on the website. Imagine the horror if the items look so different from imagination! The heart-wrenching feeling (urgh) is just so hard to swallow.

Hence, just for this purpose, I have decided to record down my online shopping process, from the time I made the purchase to the time when I finally wear it on me! Be rest assured that my photographs aren't professionally edited in any way, and were taken just as how they looked.

 I made a purchase from one of my all-time favorite ZALORA SINGAPORE  (Seriously, you should check them out if you haven't). Believe me, it took me hours to finally settle on my choice of dress out of the hundreds that I have seen and liked.

I have decided that I should choose one that is not my usual style - and see how it'll look!
This piece particularly appealed to me as my favorite color is orange - and it looks kinda' sweet on the model! (*wishing hard that I can portray the same feel too.* LOL)

Best of all? It comes in two pieces - which means I can either wear them together, or separately. 

*Ding Dong*
My package came fast - within 2 days! (Thanks to my parents for helping me to receive the parcel while I was at work) The delivery service guy actually messaged me personally a day before that he'll be coming; thanks for the nice gesture!

The thrill of ripping the packaging open..

The floral details and fabric!

I was stunned by the bright color (I love this shade of orange!) In my own opinion, I feel that it looks even better than the featured photo in reality.

As I would be going on a River Safari trip with my gang that week, I decided that it should be my OOTD! I was feeling quite excited to try out a different style (I am not really a floral person and have never owned any flowery-style dresses) and here are the results!
Surprisingly, I LOVE it. Perfect for a casual day out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Here's my BFF, Pei Wen.. My bestie of 10 years and going strong!

My momo, Wen Jun. :)

We spotted this nice-looking hut and ran over to take a pic immediately.

A pic filled with CNY atmosphere, hor??!

It was a pity that we didn't get the chance to sit on the boat ride as it was crowded and full on a Saturday afternoon. :(

But guess what was the main highlight of the day?!

We got lucky ; and managed to catch the famous pandas, Jia Jia and Kai Kai in action! (I have heard many visitors weren't able to see them - but I was glad we did!)

Caught this smiling shot - Awww..

Interesting fact:

Couple pic, again:

Quite a short but interesting trip.. I have more photos of the animals uploaded on my Facebook.. So for those who are on my Facebook, just go to my albums and check them out luh. Haha.

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