Monday, 17 February 2014

SP Bloggers' CNY Appreciation Dinner

Even though CNY has already ended by the time I updated this entry, but I'm still gonna share this awesome-licious post - Beware, it's gonna' cause alot of saliva dripping.

Of course, I would like to thank the lovely staff from the Department of Corporate Communications of Singapore Polytechnic for the exclusive invitation to their CNY SP Bloggers' Appreciation dinner! It was very kind of them to extend an invitation for my partner as well, in which I brought my momo along. :)
(Thank you so much for helping me with the pictures, love!)

It was a complete surprise as I had no idea which cafe/restaurant the dinner would be held at - and it turned out to be a cozy Japanese-themed restaurant, GEN SUSHI! :)

I was admiring the paintings on the wall and couldn't take my eyes off them - Those are real drawn-on drawings and not printed!

While chatting with the lovely girls, I started snapping photos away. *blogger mode turned on*
I just wanted to share how awesome I thought the interior design was! Look at those wine bottles. It was a fascinating sight to watch - and I somehow felt I was in Japan for that split second. #Hallucination.

Since it was CNY, the dinner started off with Yu Sheng, or aka "Lou Hei"! This was a pic taken before the power and misc ingredients were added in. 

And here's the beautiful lady whom attended to the next table - The way she poured the ingredients was so graceful. (If it were me, everything would be in a mess. Hahaha)

*I just noticed that Jiun Ngee (the guy in specs) was looking at the food in awe! Hahaha. Cute expression*

And this was the graceful lady who attended to us at our ladies' table. Both ladies mixed in the ingredients at the same time together - everything was so in sync!

I'm so proud of this close-up shot - I am sure salmon lovers would find your tongues hanging out.
Yes, these pieces of raw salmon are WICKEDLY fresh. Note: I am not really a fan of raw food, but I actually LOVE these salmon pieces and found myself digging for them after they were mixed into the Lou Hei. Hahaha.

Messy in a beautiful way~

Here goes!

 I snapped a photo of the guys - Theirs was a much messier version than ours!!


And this was ours! :) The ladies were more careful not to drop any on the table. Hahaha.

We were so hyped up while tossing the Yu Sheng. Hee.

The baby squids that were served next. (Gosh, they actually looked adorable T_T)

Sashimi!! =) Are you tempted yet...?

Now, here's a close-up that's guaranteed to turn your taste buds on... 

Okay, I don't really know what this is called (Ok, I just went to google and found out its known as chawanmushi)-  it is one of the popular Japanese dishes that I always thought as "steamed egg". Oh man, it's so frigging' delicious that I finished everything in the bowl.

Grilled Salmon that came with special sauce that tickles your taste buds... I was craving for more after each bite........

Miso soup! One of my faves!

And we had the sushis, too! These were half-raw. But hey, I am sure any Jap food lover will love them!

Ice-cream for dessert!!!! 

Gosh, I actually feel like reaching my hand out and pull these food from the computer screen.  (Damn, it's now 11.52 pm and definitely not the time to feel hungry! BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!!)

Here's a group photo of us at the event:

Thank you so much for the great hospitality as usual, my lovely SP lovelies! It has always been a lovely journey joining and blogging for SP-related events. It's truly a blessing and I'm so glad to see SP soaring so high since my days.
It sure does feel good to be still connected to my ex-school in a way!
And yes, not to forget ....Here's a shoutout to Ms Yvonne Chan - It was indeed a pity that we didn't manage to catch up with each other at the dinner; but still - thanks for the invitation and I do look forward to seeing you again in future events!

And to anyone who is interested in having authentic Jap food (I can vouch for its freshness!!! Hahaha) Here's the address!

Gen Sushi
33 Mohammed Sultan Road #01-03, Singapore 238977

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