Saturday, 15 February 2014

What's the BIG deal about FLOWERS?!

I believe this entry is going to garner abit of hate from girls - but well, its just based on my personal opinions and am certainly not targeting at anyone in particular.

One thing I have noticed, especially on Valentine's Day, is that guys tend to give flowers (such as roses, tulips, etc) ; while some girls WHINE if they didn't receive any. (It's true! I have personally seen how some girls whine about it. Like seriously?! Get a life.)

Well..Here's the question:
What's the BIG deal about receiving flowers?!


Yes, I agree flowers are one of the most beautiful-looking things in the world... BUT they are not something that I would classify as PRACTICAL in terms of giving them as a gift.
A bouquet of flowers can easily cost up to $50 dollars and even more, depending on the design and such.
 And the harsh reality has it that the flowers will WILT before your eyes as each day passes. Before you know it, they would end up in the rubbish chute. The only memories to be retained are photographs.

Laugh all you want, but I see these as PLANTS CRUELTY. Oh damn it.

Those beautiful flowers came from mother nature, and they were plucked from their natural environment just TO BE YOUR TEMPORARY GIFTS , and HAVE THEIR LIVES ENDING IN RUBBISH CHUTES?!

Don't get me wrong - I have been there, done that. I was given flowers before; and yes - I did feel the sadness when the petals began to dry up and became somewhat lifeless after 1-2 weeks. Even if they cost $50, $60 or even $10,000, they will eventually suffer the same fate and have to be thrown away. The helplessness.

With that same amount of money, I would rather it be spent on something that would be more of sentimental value; and leave those beautiful flowers alone.

I know some people would say that I am posting this entry because I am jealous (oh, whatever)... BUT indeed, people who know me well would know that I am against the idea of having flowers as gifts. Say what you want ; but it's just me.

Guys, let's face it.
Giving flowers don't mean SINCERITY (Come on, they can be bought at ANY florist shops, anytime! Just pay the money and you'll have a bouquet of majestic-looking flowers)
They are readily available, even at last minutes.
Maybe some girls just love the feeling of holding the flowers in their hands just so they can feel proud being the point of envy. *rolls eyes*

I don't envy you at all - I would only feel sympathetic towards the flowers you are holding.
Personally, flowers are only "surface gifts" - meant to make others look. (So materialistic, heh)
It's fine if you show them off ; but for sure it gets on my nerves if girls whine about not getting any flowers as gifts. 
Be more practical, lah. Get your boyfriends to splurge on something else. 

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