Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crazy woman drank CAT SOUP. [Yes, CATS!]

It has been quite some time since I last blogged... I was really damn busy with work!
There were many a time when I saw something and I would go "Hey, I MUST blog about this!!", etc.. And more often than not, I would end up forgetting all about it. Duh, am I becoming lazy or what?!

Anyway, here's something I felt I SHOULD blog about - something that might catch your attention due to the cruelty level. I came across this news on Shin Min Daily days back, and went online to research about this crazy woman who actually ATE cats and BOASTED about it.

YES. She freaking ATE a cat.

As below is a screenshot I got from a China forum - That poor cat was literally torn apart by her.
(She defended herself in a post saying that the cat was actually her friend's pet, and it was suffering from an incurable injury. The cat was reportedly put down before she decided to cook it. T_T)

Behold - Here are some close-up pics...
Heartbreaking, I would say.

I totally lost it at the pic of the paws....

Her online username is "许金榜".
(Yeah, you can google her up if you like)

I really cannot comprehend how this lady was able to lay her hands on such an innocent-looking cat. I mean, this is NOT something normal humans will do, right... ...?
Besides that, I can't imagine feeding on cats?!?!
Now, I shall end this entry with a loss of appetite.

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