Monday, 31 March 2014

RFJam Media Event cum Review of Pioneer Headphones

Was invited down to RFJam media event - A dance battle between different dancers.. and as promised, I finally had the opportunity to review some awesome headphones from Pioneer during its Designer Collab Launch as well! 
Well, who says there are no local talents in Singapore?
I hate to admit that I was not able to capture as many photos as I had hoped to due to the overwhelming crowd... Nonetheless, here are a few that I managed to capture after much squeezing through!

The young dancers ready for their battle..

Of course, different teams had their fair share of supporters!

There were small booths with Pioneer headphones - and an Instagram contest as well in which we could participate and win instant prizes at the end of the session! 
I was actually quite kiasu and did it by spamming a few photos of myself posing with the headphones. 
Here's one of my submitted entries (Haha, I do not want to spam repeated entries... So if you are interested to see more, just follow me at Instagram @ SGCOMPLAINQUEEN!)

I specifically like the color of this headphone - SE-MX9-T! It's not really striking; but yet there's an air of elegance about it. Not to mention that it can look good on either males or females as well!
Sound quality? Although I am no expert, but I have to say I am really impressed by the clear sound quality that it produces. It does make the music sound more "superior" as advertised. Annddd.... It's retailing at $399!
Aiya, you have to try it yourself to believe.

This is another model - SE-MX9-S
Its sound quality is quite close to the previous - but the color of this particular model isn't my cup of tea though. 

This is more of a striking color - bright orange.  I am sure any hipster will totally rock this. (Just that the white color part might be dirtied easily though)
I am surprised out well the bass was enhanced through the headphone... It was as though I was in a studio! Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy a 100% percent of its sound quality due to the fact that the venue was too noisy :(

Spotted this beauty inside a display case! It's enhanced with fake jewels - and the headphone looks sophisticated! 

I was actually multi-tasking in the midst of testing the headphones! Haha.
There were 2 dancers battling against each other while 3 judges watched from onstage. They would give their verdict at the end of the battle!

Supporters watching intently...

I was actually situated at a position faraway from the stage, but I was glad my camera managed to zoom in to its potential! :p

And guess what? They even had their own tees, caps , etc for sale! :)
How innovative.

Some photos taken at the event:

Marie testing one of the headphones: Heh.

There was even a short break in between and I took the opportunity to roam around and take photos:

Marie sporting her golden sequinned shoes!

Thank you for the invitation to this media event... !

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