Friday, 18 April 2014

[Food Recommendation] Mae Noi Thai Food!

Due to positive responses from my previous food recommendation entry, I guess I shall do more of such posts to share! 

As we all know, there are tons of delicious food in Singapore - but being aware of its existence -or not - is another issue. 
That is one of the reasons why I love the Internet as I can always count on the amount of positive reviews and more often that not, the experiences would not disappoint!

Right, let's cut to the chase  - I am not sure if you are one who love Thai food as much as I do, but I am always on the lookout for authentic taste of Thai. (Hmm... Think Thai Express.)

One year ago,I stumbled upon this humble store located on the 3rd storey of Bugis Street known as "Mae Noi Thai Food" ... and have been a returning customer ever since.

Here's an illustration of their Green Curry rice that I SIMPLY LOVE to the max:
It doesn't look appetizing but trust me, it's a HIDDEN GEM.

Combined with soft chicken meat and well marinated brinjals, I felt my spirit shooting out of my body as I took my first bite. (Sounds exaggerating, but you get the point!) Mind you, I don't usually eat brinjals but I actually find this version awesome. LOL.
Don't worry if you are afraid that their Green curry is spicy - it isn't. My bff does not fancy spicy stuff and she could take this very well. In fact, she loves it as much as I do! Seriously, I can't find a better version than the one at Mae Noi's. 


Some people like it thick, whereas others prefer it thin. Personally, I like the thicker one - and the Tom Yam soup at Mae Noi is simply perfect. I am usually quite picky whenever it comes to tom yam soup - I have encountered many disappointing ones.
But hey - faith in tom yam is restored whenever I patronize Mae Noi. Not to mention that it is located at such a convenient place - right in the middle of Bugis Street @ 3rd storey. Even when I am not shopping at the place, I wouldn't mind making a special trip down there just to satisfy my craving for Thai food.

Oh yes, the prices are cheap too! Within the range of $3 to $5.. Similar to those of hawker centers.
Damn - just try to believe it!

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