Sunday, 13 April 2014

[Highly Raved] Best Frog Leg Porridge and Stingray!

Okay, this is a HUGE sacrifice for me to even post this entry as I am pretty sure I am going to go hungry after typing everything.

(See? I am such a good person. I eat and I share awesome stuff with you guys! Now it gives you more reason to read my blog! Heh)

So I was at Ang Mo Kio the other day for my usual facial appointment (Thanks to my fabulous BFF, Pei Wen, for accompanying and even willing to wait nearly over 1 hr for me *guilty*). As both of us are "Westerners" (I mean, we live in the West side of Singapore), Ang Mo Kio seems like a foreign area to us.
However, we are open to exploring the place and ended up having one of the BEST days of our lives when we checked out a BBQ stall that was highly raved online. I'll post the actual address of the place later.
(Check out the compliments on FourSquare!

Sorry, no high quality photos as of now as everything was taken using my humble phone's camera. Not to mention that I didn't have much time to take many photos as both of us were just TOO hungry.

Here's the Frog Leg Porridge/Congee (or whatever you call it)

A close-up of the Frog Legs:
(Ok lah, my phone's camera not too bad lah, hor???)

Words can't even describe how tasty this pot of stuff is - The frog legs are meaty and wonderfully blended with the sauce. (You can request for less spice if you ain't a fan of spicy food) You won't regret this, I assure you! Do request for more sauce if you can.. You will get "addicted" pouring it in your porridge.

The meat was just soooo tender and soft... Urgh, you just have to try at least once to believe it! 
Sometimes... Online reviews are indeed believable if they are highly raved by Netizens.
Beware though, once you tasted it.. It will be unforgettable and gonna stick to you for life...

As if that is not enough, we ordered Stingray as well! (Yes, it's from the same stall! How convenient and perfect!)
To be honest, this is a very generous serving. At $12, it's considered HUGE. I mean, I have tried $12 versions in other places and the size isn't even half of this.

To top it all, the chilli tastes really good. Not that I am trying to exaggerate, but I almost fainted from overwhelming excitement. I just couldn't believe I was enjoying such heavenly food. Life felt SO beautiful in that instant and I wished time would just freeze.

Here's the leftovers:
Just a piece of bone...

Okay, I felt that my life is complete.
Here's the address: - (I earn nothing from them for this blog entry, but I just purely wanted to share!)

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Leg Porridge 

Blk 530 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S560530

(It's inside S11)

Yes, there is no need to travel to Geylang just to enjoy such a great taste. I am so jealous of you people living in AMK or even near AMK now. I wouldn't mind eating this everyday!

P/S: Damn, now I'm gonna cook myself some instant noodles as my stomach is indeed growling after posting this entry!

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