Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shop Sephora at Zalora!

I believe most girls would have heard of this brand SEPHORA at least once in their lives. No?
Think shopping malls.

Basically, SEPHORA is a brand that sells a wide range of high-quality make-up, skincare products, etc. I have friends who are simply huge fans of Sephora as they do offer exclusive products that can only be found in their stores!

Now here's something that can make shopaholics squeal. (Especially if you are a huge Sephora fan)
They are now OFFICIALLY on the ZALORA site!
(Say Yay!)
In other words, shopping has been made easier - and with such a renowned brand like ZALORA- You can feel completely safe about the experience!

One thing I love shopping on the ZALORA site is because of its clean and user-friendly interface. 
Just one look + click and you'll be able to find everything being displayed there nicely!

Here are some examples of their make-up products. Brushes, palettes, mascaras... You name it, they have it!
(I am sure make-up gurus will love these!)

Just hover your cursor over the picture on their page and you'll be able to see a super close-up version of the item.

Its like doing physical shopping at the store itself, just that you are at the comfort of your own home.

Of course, there are many MORE items listed there, including perfumes, body care, nail care, etc.
I have been to the physical store once and I simply love the women fragrances!

And yes - Another plus factor that I love shopping on ZALORA site is its FILTER feature. I could filter the products by popularity, price, etc. 
You will never miss out on them this way!
Why is online shopping so convenient now, ah??! *shakes head in utter amazement*

I wish I could list my favorite items down here, but there are indeed too many. I believe most of the common in-store products can be found on the site too! You will never get yourself "lost" in the physical store again as you can find the items easily there. 

So... You ready for some shopping fun now?
 (Hey, don't you think that kinda' rhymes? Haha!)

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