Saturday, 21 June 2014

2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition - Fun Experience!

OMG! I have been procrastinating to blog for the longest time ever. 
I'll be updating a few entries this week (hopefully), so do stay tuned!
(And for those regular blog readers who have been returning to my blog daily, thank you for your support! You guys know who you are, silent readers!)

So I paid a visit to the 2 Degree Ice art Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands during last weekend. (Like FINALLY!) The tickets used to be so friggin' expensive that I am glad I made the right choice NOT to go. The prices are now almost half the original prices as the exhibition will be closed soon.
($32 for TWO tickets on weekends!)
Of course, you'll have to rent their thick coat if you do not own one at $5 each; and purchase their gloves at $2. Being the cheapskate old me, I brought along my own jacket and went without any gloves. LOL.

Especially with such a bizarre HOT weather recently, it was heaven to feel such coldness against my skin. (Although I have to admit that it was TOO cold and my fingers were all numb!)

Me in front of the Big Ben. LOL.

Those ice sculptures are really magical~


There was this ice slope that reminded me of Snow City. I had a go at it and it was fun as I slid down - revealing the little girl in me as I screamed. HAHA.

Looks unreal - isn't it?

Ice Dinosaur!

It was a fun experience (Although the area was quite small and took me only a short while to navigate around the place)
Still... I am glad I had the chance to visit the exhibition before it is closed for good on 22nd June 2014.
It's not often that we have such interesting exhibits in Singapore anyway!
(And yes, credits to my lovely friend for helping me with the photography. You know who you are!)

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