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[Product Review] Amore Silver

You know, it's not easy finding jewelries of top notch quality nowadays. I own a few beautiful-looking necklaces and they RUSTED due to the cheapo material that they were made of. *heart shatters*
If you have been following my blog long enough, you would know that I am a fan of jewelries!!

Imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity by Amore Silver  to review a few pieces chosen by me! (Thanks, Oliver!)

As below are my choices and the verdict of their quality ; based on my honest opinions. (Of course, nothing beats honest reviews, right?!)

While I was browsing through their online catalog that had me spoilt for choice, one particular design caught my eyes immediately. 

I guess its self-explanatory as I have always been associated with cats due to my name (CATherine)
Not only that; I find that this design is really cute! 
Simple but eye-catching design, I will say.

Not to mention that it comes with an atas-looking box, too.
*strikes a pose*

I purposely wore black color to show off the contrast! :)
Nice, right?!
Despite being a small-sized charm, it is beautifully designed with small details included - Do you spot a mini star at where the cat collar is supposed to be? :) I feel that this adds a tinge of elegance to the overall look.

And here's another design that I picked - Two Hearts as One! (I named it myself. LOL)
Perfect for boyfriends to give their girlfriends as a gift, or even for filial children like me (Gosh, I'm so thick-skinned)  to give their mummies.

Unlike normal designs with only one heart, this design comes with TWO hearts. 
If you are single like me, you can get one for yourself too as it symbolizes that you won't be forever alone. HAHAHA.

I did not do any editing to this photo at all - It's pictured as it is!
Made of excellent quality of silver, it is indeed eye-catching when worn - Definitely something that any lady will be proud of wearing.

I like the fact that the hearts appeared like they are embracing each other.
Not sure it's just me, but the sight of it is really heartwarming.
It depicts two hearts being fixed tightly - never letting go.
(It's amazing how such a simple design can make me fantasize so much!)

Here's how it is when worn.

On to the earrings! :)
I selected the butterfly design as butterflies have always been associated with love, rebirth and beauty.

Initially, I was worried about the edges of the "wings" area in fear that they would accidentally poke my ears. But hey - they ain't sharp at all! In fact, its an adorable sight to have two butterflies dangling by your ear lobes! Haha.

Totally what I would call "STYLE".
You can tell that this photo has not really been edited as you can still spot my goddamn ugly acne scars. I had to take a close-up of this piece!

It comes with a beautiful gift box as well. Don't they look magical, as though they flew out from a fairytale garden?

And here's design #2 - A special heart-shaped piece

At first glance, I thought they looked like leaves! But hey - The twirling design within the heart was what that caught my attention.

Pardon my loose hair- I already tried to keep them out of sight!

I totally love these! Definitely something I would associate with the word "classy". Whether it is for an evening date or simply attending a wedding dinner, I am sure this would be one of the best suitable choices ever. Honestly, I have never seen such a design anywhere else in retail stores - Have you?!

So what is my final verdict of Amore Silver's products?
I'll say they are INDEED made of premium quality. (I know a premium quality product when I see one!)

 Mind you, these are not those $3 - $5 necklaces that are easily found in flea markets and they DON'T rust as they are made of REAL 925 silver. 
Imported from Italy, I would say that the standards are "up there".

Each piece comes with reasonable price tags as well (I repeat, its REAL SILVER!), and I would say the designs are pretty exclusive.
For people who are into simple/subtle designs, I am positive that you will be able to find something of your choice. 
If you are still caught in a  "I-don't-know-what-I-should-give-as-a-gift" kind of situation, just proceed to Amore Silver for your solution. I don't believe that there will be nothing that won't catch your attention. HAHA!

Get it for a loved one or yourself (Yes, its perfectly normal to pamper yourself, why not?!)!
There are times when physical shopping doesn't really help when it comes to gift ideas. I would often enter different stores and find similar products everywhere - So NOT unique.

BUT hey - You will be amazed at how online shopping can offer you more options than ever. 
If you are interested in the designs that I have chosen and featured here, you can get them, too!

There are MORE designs over at:

(Credits to my Shreky, Si Ying, for the assistance in taking the above photographs featured here!)

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