Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Trick Eye Museum ... Disappointment

Life has been pretty much occupied lately - with good companion, food and activities (so much that I am becoming more of an offline than online person... which probably explains the reason why my blog is growing cobwebs!)

Well... Being an offline person isn't entirely a bad idea though. I do think it's healthier in a way.

I've been wanting to visit the highly anticipated Trick Eye Museum (I have seen so many posts on my Facebook and was getting insanely envious of people who managed to make it there during the promotion period). I have been wanting to visit the museum even before it came to Singapore!! It was probably the only reason why I had wished to visit Korea as it was launched there. (But since it's now in Singapore... OF COURSE I was ecstatic!)

Lady Luck wasn't really on my side though. This was what happened when I was there last week with my bff.

Seriously... 360 minutes? That equates to 6 freaking HOURS.
Who in the RIGHT mind would queue up for 6 hours just to enter the museum, especially when it was estimated that it would be near their closing hour after the 6 hours wait?
This is just... Outrageous. (Seriously, I could not find a better adjective to describe the ridiculous timing)
So I asked the staff and was told that the overwhelming response was due to the 50% promotion on their ticket prices and it happened to be the last day of the offer last week. Well.. Singaporeans are just so, so kiasu. *wrinkles nose*

So I sulked and went back, feeling a great sense of disappointment. (It was a lucky thing that admission to Sentosa was free and I did not pay a single cent to enter the area; else I would have lodged a complaint!)

Not sure if I will be visiting the place again since the ticket are back to their original price of $25. 

Anyway, I've heard that there is another museum in Singapore with similar theme - Alive Muesum. I'll be visiting the place sometime this month with my friend - Hopefully it'll be a successful trip this time *growls*


  1. did you go during weekends?

  2. tell me more about alive museum :)

  3. Hey Complain Queen,

    Thanks for the great post! Do check out our post of Alive Museum Singapore as well! We particularly loved the shot that seemed like you're wielding the sword in the air!

    Happy Travels Everyone!


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  5. alive museum is slightly bigger.. see .. see here page..