Monday, 14 July 2014

Unleashing the Shopaholic in me at Zalora!

Gaaah... ...I have been so busy lately that I just couldn't find the time to do some physical shopping!
That is when I truly appreciate the invention of internet; the virtual world where online shopping never fails to satisfy the craving in me!

Coincidentally, I have been receiving alot of discount codes from ZALORA lately; (I believe many of you have received them through different platforms as well; as what I heard from my friends and colleagues!) and YES - It's definitely one of the best period to do some shopping with... lesser damage to your wallet!

(Sometimes, I do not know whether to hate or love ZALORA! I always have to resist the temptation to add everything I see to the cart. *growls*)
Just today, I went to the site again and was greeted with a message:

AAAHH.. Should I click? Should I click?

There are so many new additions to the site - and the kiasu me will always check out the SALE corner. Some of the prices are slashed at more than 50% - 80% off! Crazy or what?!!

*inserts appalled expression here*

(Believe me, I have to spend more than one hour on the site just to browse and choose my desired apparel! There are simply TOO many choices. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Even though I am no Malay, I am totally loving the Hari Raya category on the site. I have to admit, every single piece screams Elegance!
(Not to mention that the prices are reasonable, too.)

Having shopped at Zalora before and having a positive experience with them, I can totally place my trust on their items. 

I have friends asking me, "Why Zalora? Really that good meh?!"

And one of the reasons would be that Zalora offers many designs that are NEVER seen before in physical stores - Yet at reasonable prices.
I regard it as a virtual place to shop for ANY clothing for ANY occasion. And I am not exaggerating on that one. It seems to be a one-stop site for unexpected finds!
Definitely highly recommended by me - The SG Complain Queen*inserts proud expression here*

Well... Ultimately, actions speak louder than words.
Hop on over to ZALORA SINGAPORE to take a look if you haven't!(Don't forget to subscribe to them for their discount voucher!!!)

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