Saturday, 19 July 2014

RIP MH17...

After reading and knowing so much about the recent Malaysia Airlines (MH17) crash, I can't help but feel emotional over the fragility of life. 

Who would have thought, one who was so much alive a day before would have his/her life taken away just like this...

I came across different online reports that showed the social media accounts belonging to MH17 passengers. I had mixed feelings while looking at those images that became so haunting... ...
(Yes, the fact that THAT particular image is the last photograph ever taken...)

And there's even a video taken before plane departure:

Imagine those loved ones whom the victims left behind; I am sure the emotional pain is beyond any imagination.

This may sound silly, but I do have slight phobia of taking planes (especially after the MH370 incident) and I'm afraid that this phobia isn't going away anytime for now.

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