Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gesture of Goodwill = Obligation?

Seriously, I am pissed. 
Very, very pissed.
Yes - with SOME elderly/senior citizens/old people, or whatever you call them.

Before you start pointing your finger and making accusations that I am one ignorant youngster, please do read on what I have to say.

I never thought I would be blogging about this, but I guess it's the final straw when I experienced for myself how SOME senior citizens are taking KINDNESS for granted.

It all began when I was taking my usual train to work this morning; but I was quite desperate for a seat this time as I was feeling sick (I believe my pale face could definitely tell).
All I had hoped for was to take a short nap during my 20 minutes train journey - but it was not until I got signaled out by an auntie (she isn't reeealllly that old).

Showing me her senior citizen ez-link card as though it was some emperor card (*rolls eyes*), she went (in mandarin) "Young girl, can I have the seat because elderly like me will experience leg pain?" ( NOTE: SHE SOUNDED MUCH MORE RUDE THAN THIS IN REALITY)

Yes, I appreciate that she has at least the courtesy to ask. But seriously, she sounded like I was OBLIGATED to give up my seat to her.

Well, I did - despite the fact that I was not feeling well. I immediately stood up and she shamelessly took the seat - BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END.

When it was her stop to alight, she suddenly tapped me on my shoulder and told me to have the seat back with a REALLY black face. I smiled in return and said it was alright since I was alighting as well.  

**IT WAS THEN THAT I OVERHEARD HER TELLING ANOTHER PASSENGER TO SIT BECAUSE THEY ARE SENIOR CITIZENS, etc etc.** (It was like she was hinting to everyone that the Priority seats are MEANT for senior citizens like her. Apparently, she said it loud enough for surrounding passengers to hear and was indirectly targeting me)

Hello - let's make this clear. Being a senior citizen does not mean that you are DESERVING of the Priority seat. 
A Priority seat, basically, is a seat that is offered out of goodwill or for people whom one may think need it more. 

Gone were the days when people are giving up their seats out of PURE goodwill and sincerity.

Truth to be told, ALL of us are paying for the same amount of transport fares. It doesn't mean that I HAVE, I MUST, I SHOULD give up my seat to you just because I think that you are a "senior citizen".

So what if you are older than me? Do you bother to earn your respect? Does being a senior citizen mean that you are some special mortal that has higher powers above all?

I would say that many senior citizens/elderly/old people are pretty much SPOILT.
Probably they were given in so much that they now think that they are of "higher authority" - and have the rights to throw a tantrum should they not be offered what they THINK they deserve.

Please. Don't TAKE the kindness of others for granted.
If you are being offered something out of goodwill, be APPRECIATIVE of the privilege - and not to think that you DESERVE it. 

Of course, I always respect the elderly. I would still give up my seat if I THINK you are worthy of it.
Earn your respect FIRST. Period.

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