Monday, 1 September 2014

My Halloween Memories!

It's August and I smell Halloween already! 
(Yeah, I know it's still a wee bit early, but well... ...)

It's a shame that Halloween isn't a WIDELY celebrated day in Singapore; but its getting more well-known now, with thanks to annual Halloween events such as Halloween Horrors (Universal Studios) and Sentosa Spooktacular, etc.

My love for Halloween began at a really young age, with my dad bringing me to an event that was held at Jurong Bird Park (I still remembered it was called Hocus Pocus). I was deeply intrigued by those scary-looking props and being "frightened" by humans dressed in ghostly costumes. 

As years went by, I began looking out for Halloween-related events in Singapore... and even had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity working for Universal Studios during its first Halloween Horrors Night. What an honor! It became part of my memories that I will NEVER forget, and I thank God for the opportunity.

Here were a few of my dress-ups from previous years:

This was for a Halloween Audition and all 3 of us went all out for the deal!

And here's another look @ the Singapore Flyer:
With le' bff, PW. :)

The 3 of us - That's Miao on the left; I did the make-up for her and it was a success as kids were frightened!

And I was Michael Jackson last year. LOL

Ahh, so many fond memories just by looking back at my Halloween pictures. HALLOWEEN IS THE ONLY DAY WHEN I CAN DRESS UP FREELY WITHOUT ANYONE THINKING I AM CRAZY!

So.. You might be wondering what I am planning to be this year...
I have got my costume and wig ready..

YES! I will be Queen Elsa from Frozen! 
LOL. I am quite excited about the turnout though *trembles*

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates nearer to the Halloween period! I'm just as excited as you are!

P/S: Do feel free to contact me if you do know of any Halloween event in Singapore that is worth joining!

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