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[Event] Doors to “HELL”owee​n – The Terror Maze @ Downtown East D'Marquee (WIN TICKETS!)

I can't emphasize how much I love the season of Halloween and the thrill it instills in me.
It's more than just dressing up!!
Strolling haunted houses, experiencing"ghosts"jumping out of every dark, unseen corner..Screaming out loud with friends and laughing at each other's silliness.. There is NO REASON for me not to love Halloween!

I was honored when I received an invitation to Downtown East for an exclusive Preview of Doors to "HELL"oween - The Terror Maze.
(Thank you, Zenna!)

Ah, in case you are not aware - This event is a collaboration between Downtown East and a team of Year 2 Singapore Polytechnic students. (Being an ex SP student, I feel so proud!!)

If you are wondering what is lurking around the darkness at Downtown East during this Halloween season, here's a *sneak* preview and exclusive photographs. Don't worry, there's loads more in store for you when you are physically there!

And OHHH... ...
Do stay tuned to the very end of this entry as YOU, my beloved reader, can get the chance to WIN a pair of tickets to this Halloween event, too! (And all you need to do is to answer a very simple question!!) 

Do you know that there are 16 trails in the terror maze?!!!
It made me so excited that I couldn't wait to step foot into it and experience it.
The anticipation was killing me more than anything else.

Was greeted by this large sign when I reached.
*squeals in excitement*

I could feel the Halloween atmosphere around Downtown East (I love their decorations!)
Imagine walking down the walkway and feeling the creeps already...

We were issued 4 tokens that can be used for photobooth, make-up session (there was a talented make-up artist present whom was able to recreate any scary-looking wounds on your hand/face), carnival rides and games!!!
Holy. It's like having all of my favorites in one!

Pardon my ugly nail polish, LOL. Ahem.

Being the vain old me, I decided to go for a photobooth session before bracing myself for the Terror Maze. 

There were a variety of costumes and props available for us to try on, and GUESS WHAT COSTUME I PICKED FOR MYSELF?!?!

Yes... It's none other than... ...

Qing Dynasty Princess costume! (Or more commonly known as "Princess Pearl" costume - Huan Zhu Ge Ge)

I know you are laughing!! Stop smiling at your screen - I can feel it. Hmph.

Just so you know, I have always been a HUGE fan of such ancient costumes (I even have one myself at home!) and seeing it as part of the photobooth costumes made me squeal like an excited little girl.

Must take more, must take more.

There are still tons of photos I have taken of myself in costume (Gosh, I am such a camwhore queen), but I shan't post all of them here!!

And there was instant printing services in which I was able to take home a hard copy as a momento.
Thank you sooo much for the wonderful service!!

Here it is.
Pardon the blurry photo. I was trying to take a photo of a photograph!

NICE?!?! I'm a Qing Dynasty Princess leh, don't play play!

Finally, after all the photo-taking fun... We were told that the Terror Maze was ready and awaiting us.
"OH YES!" I squealed.

While standing around the entrance of the Terror Maze, I thought it was my imagination when I heard what seemed to be evil laughter echoing from inside.



Oh dear.....Do I.. Do I.... really... have to go in?

It was then that the doors to the entrance opened... 
In no time, I was engulfed in darkness as I stepped into the unknown world of fear. I totally had no clue what was in store for me except that there would be ghosts lurking around and observing my every move... 

As the place was simply too dark, I had no choice but to activate flash for some of the photographs that I'll be posting here (Believe me, it feels completely different when you are physically there - It's DARK!)

Caution! Now I've been warned....

One of the scary settings.
(The photos are not taken in sequence. I actually went TWICE to the maze - First to experience the terror and second to capture photographs! See? I sacrificed myself to face the terror twice just to capture photos for you readers!! How noble. )

The maze has different parts that we needed to conquer ... It just seemed to get spookier as we walked deeper into it...

Some of the photos are not in clear state as there were smoke. Yes, the ATMOSPHERE!!
Notice this somehow ugly-looking witch sitting at this long dinner table below? He/She was seriously scary and has a thunderous voice - loud enough to have me scrambling off to the next part of the maze.

A clearer look at him:
(As we got further from him, he said "Don't look back".... The tone was so scary, lah! )

The maze seemed to be endless while you are in the midst of it. And there is no turning back.

Lend me a helping hand??
(I was extra careful when crossing this....It seemed as though there were hundreds of hands reaching out to us..*imagination running wild*)

Now. Don't forget that these look so much more scarier in real life.
The hands looked kinda' real!!!!! Yucks.

Spotted this huge black thing lying at a corner. I had no idea what it was. A corpse?
(For a moment, I was afraid that it would suddenly move and jump at me!)

Trying to act brave inside a haunted maze

Right.. This is one scene I will NEVER forget.
Did you guys spot anything weird in the picture?

No? Look again. Closely.

YES. THOSE WERE REAL WORMS (They are harmless though) wriggling around on that freaking skeleton. 

But I was not exactly worried as I did not get near to those wriggly creatures.

Came across a few faceless "nurses" as well that reminded me of Silent Hill. (One of them was even holding an injection needle and looked like she was ready to strike anytime! Not to mention that she looks like a mannequin) 

You know what is it that I find scary?
That I couldn't differentiate between what's a mannequin and a real person! 
There were several times when we had a scare as what we thought was fake suddenly moved. Urgh.

... So yes, we eventually survived the Terror Maze, not once... But twice! 
Time seemed to pass exceptionally slow when we were in there.

When we came out, we headed for the fun make-up session.
Finally... A time to sit down, relax and let the make-up artist do the job.
She was able to create any "wounds" on any part of your face/hand. 
Urgh ...Looks sick!!

There were many other fun activities there other than the Terror Maze. It was like a small carnival (Does Uncle Ringo ring a bell to you?)
 Do try these out when you are there. Trust me, it's much MORE scarier than it looks.
I didn't give much thought when I agreed to climb up this harmless-looking cliff.

And BELIEVE ME when I say I SCREAMED while sliding down at the other side. I SCREAMED so loud that a young little kid (who happened to witness me sliding down) was screaming with me too. Funny shit!!
But it was hella' FUN, really. Try it with your friends if you are there - The experience will be unforgettable.

There is also a wheel-looking thing that will spin you 360 degrees - I admit I was too scared to sit on it. So I just stood around and watched others.

If you are in for a totally harmless, nothing-to-be-afraid-about activity, there are carnival games as well for the young and old.
And you can win soft toys as well!!!
I WON 2 CUTE PANDAS there!!!
Photos are not very well-taken, but here they are:

And yesss... Here's a pic of myself and lovely Shirley from Downtown East. She was really kind and extended such great hospitality by bringing us around the area! Thank you so much, Shirley, and it was a great pleasure meeting you!

Now that I have enjoyed my share of fun, IT'S YOUR TURN!!
Yes - Here's a really simple contest that you can win yourself a pair of TICKETS to event on 2nd November 2014!

How to win the tickets?!

Watch this below video first:
And answer the following simple question:
'Which tarot card did The Fortune Teller represent?'
Submit your answer to me at: catherinejaevans@hotmail.com with the following details:

Subject Header: I want to win tickets to The Terror Maze!
Answer: ____
Name: _______
Contact number: _______

Contest will end on 31st October 2014, midnight.
Winners will be contacted on 1st November 2014 for the collection of tickets to the event.
Hurry... The terror awaits...

More information about the event:

Downtown East D'Marquee
Date & Time
29**, 30 Oct** |5pm - 11pm
31 Oct & 1, 2 Nov**| 1pm - 11pm
Ticket Price
NTUC/nEbO Plus! Members: S$30
Plus! Members: S$35.00^
Public: S$35.00

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