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[HALLOWEEN Review] Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

It's the month of October and this means that my blog will be clogged with Halloween-related entries!
Knowing that I am a HUUGGEE Halloween fanatic, my dokiboy secretly purchased tickets to Sentosa Spooktacular (He even topped it up with Express passes *cries*) as part of my birthday gift. The tickets are NOT cheap, definitely.
Thank you, my dokiboy. :')

As some of you may have heard about it, I lodged a complaint to Sentosa Spooktacular last year due to the horrendous waiting time that scarred me. 
(FYI, I purchased normal tickets last year)

Personally, I would say that purchasing NORMAL/STANDARD tickets to Spooktacular is pretty much pointless as you will find yourself spending the entire time queuing up rather than enjoying the experience in the haunted houses.
In other words, if you do not have the budget to top up for express passes - then be prepared to queue your asses off.

Since I had the luxury to have express passes this year, my experience was a complete opposite this time round.

Fancy that - We actually completed the WHOLE of 3 haunted trails in LESS than 1.5 hours. 
So much difference when one holds the express ticket, eh?
With the express ticket, we got to cross an alternate lane that granted us fast entries into the haunted houses with almost zero waiting time (while those with normal passes were still queuing at the back in another lane).

Unlike last year's version in which Spooktacular had 5 haunted trails, there were only 3 this year. (They were, however, built on bigger scales)
And of course, more wandering "ghosts" (Probably they expanded their budget this year to hire more scare actors, LOL)

I was actually prepared to dress up as Queen Elsa (Heck, I even purchased Elsa's costume and wig!) but ended up dressing up as a cross breed between Elsa and myself due to a last minute wig crisis.
What a waste of my money. Duh.

I had to dress down (My Dokiboy surprised me with an Elsa crown which I wore on my head happily that day. LOL) and here I was.

With one of the random wandering "ghosts".

I love this setting! It made me look... Mysterious. *smiles*

Uncanny resemblance. Sisters?

And... This is my favorite :) I call it "Immortal Love". Don't we look like a sweet couple? LOL

Was kinda hungry after exploring the 3 haunted trails and we settled down to have dinner -Kampong style. Haha.

Satay and Seafood Tom Yam set!
(Not cheap either)

Sorry that they weren't taken in an appetizing manner as I took them under darkness using camera flash.

Surprisingly, the food wasn't that bad. They actually tasted good. 

Overall, I would say that my Spooktacular experience this year was great. (I will still emphasize that its due to the express ticket) I doubt I will say the same if I were holding a standard ticket.

So what's my favorite trail at Spooktacular, you ask?
I guess it would be "The Swimmers" or "Alone".
(I love that they created the atmosphere like the movies! The Swimmers will make you feel like you are trapped @ a haunted swimming pool and there were even water dripping down at some corners!)
From physical reconstruction of the scene to even the SMELL. they've nailed it.

I shan't talk more about it so as not to spoil the surprise! (NO SPOILERS!)
Do keep a lookout for more Halloween-related entries coming up in my blog before 31st...

Till then, Enjoy your Halloween and have a great one!!

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