Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Honest Review: Is Alive Museum worth the price?

So I was contemplating to visit Alive Museum and finally made the move with one of my best MJ buddies, Marie.
As some of you may know, the tickets aren't cheap at $25 per pax. Being the cheapskate old me, I managed to get tickets through at $17. Hmm...Not that bad.

So.. Do I think it is worth the price?
I would rate it a so-so experience, and I'll further elaborate WHY in this post. If you are one who is deciding to make the trip down or not, you may be able to make up your mind after reading my entry.


One of the first few attractions near the entrance: - Mona Lisa!

Alive Museum is all about playing with 3D and illusions.
As below is one of our first few stops - Staying inside a mother's womb. LOL. Unfortunately, I did not pull it off really well so I shall post Marie's version here instead:

Pictures are not in exact sequence -

LOL, love her dramatic expression!

Don't cha' know Bill Gates and I are old friends?!

Stop the car!

And this is the main reason why both of us decided to visit the museum! 
MICHAEL JACKSON and his famous gravity lean from Smooth Criminal!
I remembered posting this pic on Facebook and there were quite a few number of people who were convinced that I edited this photo. 
The truth is, this is REAL. I won't expose the trick to it as it'll be a spoiler!

Kissing the legendary King of Pop. 

Chatting with Steve Jobs? LOL

Wolverine! Fierce.

Charlie Chaplin and his stick!

Kissing Spiderman (I have no idea why his mouth looks funny though. It resembles a woman's!)

Marilyn Monroe and I played a part in grabbing her skirt! LOL.

And.... Superman punched me

I kind of like this picture.. Something that is not possible for me to accomplish in reality LOL


Let's do a split!

Why is this baby bigger-sized than me and trying to pull me up?! HELP!!

I love, love, LOVE this scene here! It looks so serene and full of tranquility.
If only I could take a pic with my bf here..



Overall, I would say that it is an EXHAUSTING experience. While we may look like we are having fun in the photos, it was an extremely taxing task to pose and come up with quirky expressions. 
(Both of us ended up having leg pain issues and I had to visit a masseur the next day LOL)

Not to mention that we experienced space constraint in some areas of the museum and the feeling was one of the most IRRITATING experiences ever.
Imagine posing for a photo without peace as there were other visitors walking in and out (with some of them obstructing and standing in your way while you are trying to capture a good photo). In some of the scenes, I felt so uneasy posing (I was trying to act all crazy) as I felt many different stares from the visitors who were standing around and waiting for their turn.

If you haven't realized, there were not many photos (in fact, majority of them) that do not have both Marie and I in the shot together. We can't possibly ask a photographer along and had to take individual photos. Urgh.

Oh, and I have to mention that Alive Museum is not affiliated to another museum that is located @ Sentosa, Trick Eye Museum. I did not really want to emphasize this, but there are people who might be confused with the two.
Alive Museum is located at Suntec, and is designed differently from Trick Eye Museum. (But the 3D concept is still the same, lah)
While the 3D effects may look amazing, they rely mostly on ANGLES. If you are taking the photographs at a wrong angle, they will turn out looking all wrong.. and weird.

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