Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It's shopping time again - New Look Women's !!

I get excited whenever it comes to October as it is a combination of Halloween and my BIRTHDAY! *hint hint*

And I would unknowingly spend more than I should on shopping for birthday clothes. (It's a natural thing RIGHT?!)
Just that I have more options this time ever since my choices expanded to taking my shopping spree ONLINE instead.
(Okay... I am not entirely sure if this is a good or bad thing)

And of course... What's a shopping spree without trying my luck at ZALORA?! 
I'm checking out one of the latest "New Look" series - and I managed to spot something I like within 5 minutes of scrolling. =_= Damn.


I remembered I have friends asking me about the shirt sizes and how I was so confident in getting them without worrying they aren't my fitting size.

Well. EASY.

Here's one of the examples I screenshot from the "New Look" series:

Under the "Size Details" tab for each apparel, everything will be stated clearly - and there is even the model's body measurements for reference as well. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THAT :)
I know I can always trust Zalora for the measurements because I've been there, done that.
Nothing beats a real life experience!

You know, I love and hate Zalora at the same time.

"Okay, I am just going to get a dress and that's it." I would think to myself.
Naive me.
I ended up shopping under other categories, and the promotions that Zalora came up with ain't making my pockets any better.

Such a fulfillment to my retail therapy. 
I'm thinking if I should start shopping for Christmas too (even though it's a tad early, but... ...)
Urgh... I can't blog and shop at the same time... So I'm going to focus on my shopping for now.

If you guys are interested to join me as well, check out NEW LOOK WOMEN'S.

I suggest that you brew yourself a cup of coffee and sit down for it..