Monday, 3 November 2014

[Event] Domino’s '4 Flavors on 2 Pizzas' Blogger Party

Guess where I was?

Yes! It's Domino's Pizza at Kovan! :)
Was honored to be invited to the Domino's '4 Flavors on 2 Pizzas' Blogger Party event last week  (Thanks, William from The Influencer Network!)
I was quite excited as Domino's Pizza has always been one of my personal favorites whenever it comes to pizzas (I love their thin crusts!) and was looking forward to what they have to offer.
Do note that I am not complimenting them because I was invited, but I do love their pizzas personally and patronize them myself quite frequently!

So.. *inserts random selfie here*

While waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, I went on a photo-snapping spree.

Here's the banner of their latest promotion -You will get to know more about it in my entry as you read on! You won't regret it, I promise!

Here's the lovely Ms.Linda, the Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza!
(It was my 2nd time meeting her after my first Domino's Pizza event last year)

She gave us a briefing about their latest promotion - 2 for $22 pizza!

Now, this is really interesting as this is not just any ordinary promotion.
 Can you believe that combining TWO different flavors of pizzas to form a complete pizza of your choice is POSSIBLE?! Speaking about win-win situation. Heh.

Seriously, this would be a dream come true for any pizza lover when it comes to being spoilt for choices. 
Ever had those moments in which you JUST COULD NOT decide between two different flavors? 
That's it... That's IT!
Domino's Pizza has came up with this genius idea of allowing their customers to mix and match four flavors of their choice (2 flavors on 1 pizza each) at a price of only $22 for both regular-sized pizzas!

Best of all, they are offering FREE delivery - meaning that the price you see is the price you'll pay. I love it that they have no hidden gimmicks when it comes to stuff like these.

With a pizza theme, there was a game prepared for us (It was quite a good ice-breaker for bloggers who did not know each other well) and here's the first round - We have to make a correct guess of the pizza sauce according to the names written on the post-it notes.

We were split into different teams and one representative of each team would have to taste the sauce.
(Thanks to Vivian - one of the bloggers whom I was in the same group with - for tasting it and making the correct guess!)

Here's what we have got:

Yep - Pesto Passion Sauce!
(I know it doesn't look really that appetizing by the looks of it, but trust me - looks can be deceiving!)

Now... Here's another round of the game and the fun part - We were given different choices of pizza crusts and ingredients that would go well with our chosen Pesto Passion Sauce. 
We had to choose two different kinds (Half and Half) and combine them together.

We would then come up with a creative story (it can be anything - funny, romantic, cheesy... etc) and the winning team would be given Domino's vouchers worth $500!! This would make any Domino's fan go crazy. Urgh.

"So who will be the lucky winner of these $500 Domino's Pizza vouchers?"

And the representative of an interesting team would be given an exclusive "I am Incredible" apron designed by Domino's Pizza!! And it was said that this is the ONE and ONLY apron that was designed for this event!! How proud the winner would be to own this!!

So.. With a determination to win them.. Here we go.

We discussed and came up with a chicken + prawn love story (It was quite random actually.. but had fun laughing over it while making it up). And I have to EMPHASIZE that I am proud to have Melissa in our group - She is such a great illustrator! She drew the story in comic-strip form and made many of us going "awww" just by looking at the characters.

Took this shot secretly while she was at work - It reminds me so much of an artist at a live session drawing for fans. Hahaha. It's a surprising fact when she told us that she isn't a professional at art.

So.. Time for our "story presentation"!
Vivan presented our story in a bubbly manner.
(I was only a supporting cast. LOL)

(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

A group pic of us together:
(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

And here is the masterpiece!
Notice the top wordings "CaVaMel"? It is an adaptation of our names : CAtherine,Vivian and MELissa
Credits to Vivian for coming up with such a genius name. Haha.

And here are the presentations of other teams :- Everyone came up with really interesting and hilarious ones! It was amazing, especially with the fact that we were given such a short time frame to come up with it. Bloggers are always creative creatures, I guess.  

(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

Hey, that's a nice shot!
(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

I love the one that was presented below! Notice the famous James Bond sign? Yes, they came up with their own version of "James Prawn" story!

And...They eventually emerged as the winning team! Congrats, Dee! :)

(Photo credits to The Influencer Network)

Here's the winner who won the "I am Incredible" apron: -

Thank you Domino's Pizza for hosting the event and having us - and not forgetting that we had such a fulfilling stomach after the event.

What a feast!!

Kinda' hungry just by looking at these photos I took (and its in the middle of the night as I am blogging this! Damn, I hear my stomach grumbling now.... Oh no...)

(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

Oh Yes - Here's an example of how a half-half pizza would look like - So interesting right?!
Now you can get to enjoy two different flavors at one go! I REALLY LOVE THIS COMBINATION.

And oh, OH! Here's something I would like to EMPHASIZE on because it is my all-time favorite. In fact, I have been going around and introducing it to all my friends - even guaranteeing them that they will love it as much as I do.
Believe me - You HAVE to try at least once in your lifetime.


Yes... It's their classic CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE. GOSH #*&$(#&$#!!

I tried so much to take a good photograph of the lava cake - Even went to the extent of inserting my spoon into it to dig out the warm, heavenly chocolate content.

Ok ok, here.. A closer look at it. Can you FEEL it? Soft, warm chocolate cake that literally melts in your mouth...

It was quite a highlight too as many bloggers attempted to get good shots of the lava cake as well. 

And... To express my love for the chocolate lava cake, I took up this sign and posed with it.
Woohooo!~ Make me the Chocolate lava cake ambassador!! LOL.

Here's a group photo of all the bloggers who attended the event: THANKS SO MUCH TO DOMINO'S PIZZA and THE INFLUENCER NETWORK for inviting us!! I had so much fun!!

(Photo Credits to The Influencer Network)

If you are interested to know more about the 2 for $22 pizzas, do check out Domino's Pizza's page at:

I think I am going to order the half-half pizzas for my family some time soon - they will be so impressed! HAHAHA.


  1. Attended an event at Chicago restaurants sponsored by the company. The dinner hour was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.

  2. I am first time reader of your blog, what I loved is title complain queen :D. Anyhow, that is good post, you seems had fun and pizzaslookdelicious.

  3. I personally feel domino's is far better than pizza hut, they always come up with deals which are not only good in taste but also cheap. Thank you for sharing your experience with us