Sunday, 16 November 2014

Shit Express - Sending a Shit Parcel to your enemies

I came across this one week back and had wanted to blog about it so much (IT'S SERIOUSLY TOO FUNNY NOT TO!)
This company will NEVER make it to my list of sponsors. 

Behold' - The SHIT Express!!!

So what is the Shit Express?!

In a nutshell, YOU dislike/detest/hate a certain someone..
You engage Shit Express's services.
And Shit Express will deliver shit to that enemy of yours. Tsk. Poor thing.

Here are the steps:

1) Choose an animal.
2) Provide the address information
3) Choose how to wrap the shit package
4) Pay with bitcoins or Paypal. (So you won't be see)

HAHAHA. Is this a joke, or what?!

Apparently, someone actually experimented its service and placed an order for himself.
It did arrived, as described!!

Read here for more details:

Well... To any possible hater of mine - Watch out. A shit parcel may be on its way.

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