Wednesday, 26 November 2014

[Event] Singapore Polytechnic's ARTS FIESTA 2014!

I was recently invited to Singapore Polytechnic's ARTS FIESTA 2014 - an annual celebration of dance, music and theater featuring the best of SP's talents! (Thank you, Rachel!)

This year's theme is "Timeless", an ode to Singapore Polytechnic's past and traditions as it celebrates its 60th Anniversary.
When I first heard the name of the theme, I was drawn to it immediately.
I pictured a moment of time freeze, where date and time doesn't exist... ...

There were various activities happening during the one-month long ARTS FIESTA 2014, ranging from SP Guitarists, Vocal Talents show, Chinese Orchestra, just to name a few.
After looking through the Calendar of Events, I requested for a pair of tickets to the SP Magician show (Yes! I have always been fascinated by magic tricks since I was young but have never been to a physical show before.)

And I was granted my wish - Singapore Polytechnic gave me a pair of Complimentary tickets to the show!!
(Thank you, thank you, thank you~!)

An ecstatic me posing with their signboard outside the Auditorium (where the Magic show was taking place!)
(Didn't put much make-up on that day though... )

I love the booklet design.. So... Timeless. Haha.

Although flash photography wasn't allowed in the Auditorium, I still managed to capture some decent photos of the SP Magicians in action.
(All thanks to Singapore Polytechnic for giving me the honor of V.I.P seats at the front row!! We were the only ones sitting in the front row

 Talk about Timeless. Haha.

Start liao, start liao~~
I shall let my photos do most of the talking!

Wah, looks so cool.

Transforming a rod to a piece of cloth...

You know, it was really amazing seeing something appearing and disappearing in front of you without any darn loophole. That is what makes Magic really intriguing - at least to me.
It's like, now you see it and now you don't.

A striking pose! Haha.

As an audience, I thoroughly enjoyed the show as it  was really entertaining. There were talking bits and storyline segments as well that cracked us up.
(The guy below acted as a funny grandfather. He was able to keep a straight face throughout the show and yet made everyone laugh at his "lame" jokes. Now, that's something..)

In his segment, he performed a duplicating magic trick and the Pringles on his table kept multiplying  each time he removed the containers!

How could that be humanly possible?!?

Now you see them:

And now you see them even MORE:

After having a good laugh at his Pringles segment, here comes another magician with his card tricks!
(We had to watch his part on the projected screen due to a close-up view)

The coins could disappear and reappear under different parts of the poker cards  -in the blink of an eye! Damn - Now... How is that even logically possible?!

Here's a funny one - This magician sported a "HK" accent during his act and he's such a natural comedian! (The guy beside him on the left was a chosen audience.)

Now... Ready? At the count of three... Just hit them together and they'll be linked!

"This is called, 'One on top, Three below. It's my favorite position.' ", said the magician - referring to the hoops he was holding.
(Everyone in the audience laughed. Erm... )

Here's one of the classics that had me glued to the chair. I have always seen such shows on TV and this was the FIRST time I witnessed it in action! 
I bet it isn't difficult to guess what it is all about from the photos below:

There we have it - The Magician's assistant in the small box. 
I was impressed. I mean, how in the world was she able to squeeze into that tiny space?!?!
(That was really her palm waving at us from the box!)

The magician pierced several swords into the box through the holes, seemingly impossible for her to make any escape. My heart stopped at each sword that was inserted into the box. OUCH, OUCH and OUCH.

But... Hey! It's magic, remember?! *hits myself for being silly*

They performed another risky stunt - Tying the magician and ensuring he was locked stiff behind the steel locks.

Spare no mercy~

That expression... 

Totally no escape for you, mister!

It was then that they covered him up using a black cloth - Viola~ The female assistant was seen in place of the magician within a few seconds - fully buckled~! HOW DID THEY SWITCH PLACES SO FAST?! 
I didn't even have the time to catch my breath!

I didn't manage to capture photos of the female assistant while she was strapped. In this shot, the magician has already unbuckled her. 
But trust me, it was amazing. 
What is the logic behind it, huh?!?!

A short segment of another handsome magician performing his "number sequence" trick.
The numbers seemed to auto-arrange themselves when he covered them up!


Now this is a nice one! It's a magic trick involving an iPad. 
He seemed to be able to "take out" whatever was shown on the iPad! Such an interesting sight to see how technology is being combined with magic tricks.

An priceless shot capturing the happy faces of the audience. 
(From what we were told, tickets were completely sold out!)

"Now whoever catches this hotdog shall come out here..."
(*coughs*Now that sounds kinda wrong...)

And here was the girl that caught the hotdog! (LOL)
It was a classic Prediction trick, in which she was asked several questions by the magician. He would then reveal the answers that were locked in the untouched box since the beginning of the segment, as though they were already predicted!

As unbelievable as it may sound, the answers were revealed on this large sheet of paper after unlocking the box. Even the girl was staring at it in astonishment.

And she even got a warm welcome by "Jack Sparrow" himself as he led her back to her seat. LOL.

Now guess the last segment of the show...

Yes, its a table floating trick!! I have seen many of such videos on Youtube before and have been scratching my head for ages how it was done.
There was absolutely NO loophole or whatsoever - I even tried lowering my head hoping to catch a glimpse of the hidden trick somewhere...

And it appeared like he was dancing with the table...

And here... He slowly rested the table on the ground..

And the show ended beautifully with the magician performing a short balloon restoring trick... 
He actually tore the balloon string into different pieces, but they seemed to have restored in their original form!!
(And lucky me, this yellow balloon was given to me at the end of the show. HAHA, I've got the magician's balloon! Woohoo. Refer to my last photo!!)

I love this ending shot! A re-appearance of everyone who participated in the show... 

See see? That was the same yellow balloon that was used during the performance! The magician passed it to me and I took it. (Thank you leh!!)

I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the show. I wish I could have taken more photos with the magicians though.
Thank you so much to Singapore Polytechnic for inviting me! Judging by the professionalism and scale of the performance, I would never have thought they are students. I am so proud of how Singapore Polytechnic has groomed such successful talents.
To anyone from the show who is currently reading my entry now, WELL DONE YOU GUYS!!Thank you for the captivating magic performance!!

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