Sunday, 28 December 2014

Xiaxue VS Gushcloud Saga - A Publicity Stunt?

Wow. So much drama over a short period.
I believe most of you would have heard about it by now - It's all over the media. (If you haven't, then I guess you may be living in a well or something)

Yes, it's the recent Xiaxue Vs GushCloud saga.

Granted that both sides have given their say, can you tell who is the REAL victim here?

The blogging industry may not be as glorious as it may appear to be, and yes - It has its really dark side, and I would say these are the few possibilities: (I am not making concrete assumptions;but just merely noting down points that MAY be POSSIBLE)

1) Everything is a well-orchestrated publicity stunt (You never know)

Win-win situation. Nobody is suing anyone here. Nobody gets hurt, but everyone involved gets the publicity. Even those previously unknown bloggers can get that bit of limelight from this saga.

2) It's a competitor thing

It's common that this industry is getting competitive now. With so many companies (including those big brands) seeking bloggers as part of their marketing campaign (Do not belittle the power of social media), bloggers form a huge part of the influential process in the world today.
It has always been known that NN and GC are competitors, and it isn't unusual that such methods are "implemented" to kill off the other party once its a rising threat. Jealousy kills.

Whatever it is, everyone has gotten their piece of cake - Bad publicity is publicity, too. There are many bloggers out there who depend on blogging full-time as a living, and such publicity is pretty much needed. It's their main source of income, you know?
I will not be surprised if most of them GAINED and benefited from the saga more than losing their reputation. Afterall, the "damage" has been done and they are having everyone's attention now.

I am definitely not taking any sides here.
At least... I'm still a decent blogger and am glad to be out of these mess.
(I was actually approached by Gushcloud once, but I guess I still prefer to be my own influencer. LOL)
 Now let's sit back and watch as the episode unfolds.

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  1. In her second post, she talked about a higher purpose as a social media advocate, what she is doing is for the good of the bloggers and community.

    That was when I threw my hands up in the air and went, who is she kidding? Linking Xiaxue with a higher purpose is as far fetched as expecting a hen to quack, it is clearly a fruitless attempt. Or is it?

    More about blogger ethics and the truth behind Xiaxue - Rebel with a cause or wolf in sheep's clothing?"

    More at the link below.