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[Review] Blissoma Products (They are ORGANIC!!)

I have received several e-mails from readers seeking advice concerning facial and skin issues, and most of you have trusted me with my reviews (Thank you!) 
Although I'm fortunate to have a few sponsors who are willing to have me review their products, but be rest assured that my reviews are based on my HONEST opinions and are not altered in any way to make the products sound tons better than they actually are.

After a long hiatus, here's another long review that I'll be covering (I'm sure it will benefit some of you out there who may be looking for an ideal facial product to try) 

Michelle from Charis Naturals has kindly sponsored a few of their products for acne treatment (I have always been trying to get rid of acne!!):

(Do note that all of their products are ORGANIC. It is safe even for those with sensitive skin!)
If you would like to find out if the products are effective, here they are. Do note that they are based on my personal opinions.

#1: Blissoma skin care series - Mild Rice Facial Cleanser

 Organic Whole Brown Rice Flour and Willowbark extract
 - Gently exfoliates and cleans
- Organic Sunflower, Apricot Kernal, and Hemp oils
 - Balances skin oils
 - Nourishes skin cells
-Organic Chickweed, Rose, Marshmallow, Plantain
 - Stimulates circulation
 - Flushes away toxins

Before I was introduced this product, I was actually using another non-organic product cleanser for my face. It was a product of Hada Labo. Not sure if I used it the wrong way or whatever, it did not really work well for me as I still experienced acne and bumps on my skin.

Of course, I had my concerns when switching over to a new product too. I spoke to Michelle about my skin condition as well, and I was told that their organic products are safe for even sensitive skin.
It got me anxious to try it!

I was pleasantly surprised by its unique packaging! I was told that this bottle was made of aluminium material. Damn environmental-friendly!

Not sure if everyone will be used to the smell of an organic product, but I do like it.
Somehow it smells like mild lavender.


This may sound exaggerating (but I swear I am not), my skin actually feels SMOOTH upon touch after washing away my application layer. I was pleasantly surprised and I thought it was my imagination.
Being the first time to use an organic product, I would have to say its effective as I could tell it is gentle on my skin AND most importantly... ... I DIDN'T experience any breakout after using it.
If you are looking for a decent cleanser that you can FEEL its effects after usage, this is something you may wish to consider. 

#2: Blissoma Solutions Refine Clay Renewal Mask
(This can be used together with the Mild Rice Facial Cleanser for better results!)

A balancing clay mask for deep repair, detoxification,
and toning.
- Rhassoul Clay from lava beds in Morrocco
 - Used worldwide by spas!!
 - Contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica
 - Deeply detoxifies and remineralizes the skin
- Concentrated Organic Willowbark
 - Dissolves dead skin cells and prevents acne
 - Tones and cleanses pores
- Extracts of Organic Licorice and Olive Leaf
 - Corrects coloration of skin and hyperpigmentation
 - Soothes and improves skin immunity, anti-inflammatory
- Creamy, premixed formula contains lightweight oils
 - Hydrating and conditioning to improve texture
 - A good choice for skin that is sensitive, reactive, or acneic 

Maybe it's just me, but I feel that this smells similar to the facial cleanser. I applied it after using the facial cleanser and let it sit for a good 20 minutes in the shower. (Not necessarily 20 minutes if you do not have the time, but I was just being kiasu and hoping it would have better results. LOL! It's just psychological...)

It looks like a clay mask (I'm sorry that I was unable to capture a shot of myself while applying the mask as I did it in the shower room and everything was just... well, wet.)
There are tiny substances contained that felt kinda' rough when I rubbed em' on my face. I guess its part of the deep cleansing process!

There's another usage of it too! I could also dot it on a blemish or affected area on my face and leave it on overnight. It will eventually turn into a dry scab that I could peel off the very next day. Yes, this means that it can help to soothe acne too!
But do bear in mind that some thorough rubbing may be needed to remove it completely if you have dabbed quite an amount on your face after leaving it overnight - else you will look like you are having a face with lots of tainted spots LOL.

#3: Blissoma Solutions A+ Perfecting Serum
(Super-light textured
treatment with balancing
herbs, carrot, and rose for
troubled skin)

- Oil-free formula with a touch of Organic Jojoba
 - Conditions and softens without clogging
- Over 13 healing herbs in this treatment formula
 - Organic Coriander, Goldenrod, Fennel, Olive Leaf, and more
 - Organic Licorice and Heather flowers reduce hyperpigmentation
 - Refining, toning, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action
- Rose Oil, Organic Carrot Juice (Vitamin A), and Niacinamide (B3)
 - Acne remedy fades discoloration and synthesizes collagen
 - Niacinamide (B3) at levels clinically proven to reduce acne
- Suitable for: rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, pore size

I've heard how highly raved this is amongst customers who have used this product before. Personally, I used it together with the other 2 products that I've mentioned earlier in this post since this would have been an ideal combination for best results.

So what is this A+ Perfecting Serum about?
As adapted from their website:
"Individuals with inflamed, dry skin can use this treatment prior to final moisturizing. Individuals with oily skin can use it alone. "

Many have claimed that it is the perfect solution to acne or red bumps.
Now let's see... 

Honestly, I would not say that the smell is pleasant...

Just spread it over your face and neck after cleansing! It was what I did.

I can't tell if the product alone did its job as I have used all the mentioned products together for a period of 2 months. (I did not really use them sparingly since my face is quite small. LOL)
But here it is - A before and after photo (time span of 2 months)

Pardon the unclear photos - I had a difficulty trying to capture a good one as my kitchen has such a dim lighting.
You can tell my skin isn't that flawless here (I only had eye make-up on). LOL.
Disgusting complexion.

Two months later~ I do notice there are still minor scars, but not as visible.

I am still currently using the products and I am confident to say that they are indeed gentle on the skin.

Here are more facts about Blissoma products, just for additional knowledge if you haven't heard about it:

They are 100% Vegetarian and many are Vegan! Yes, no animal testing has been performed.
The ingredients are mainly made up of REAL, RAW plants.

If you are in to try a new product and don't mind going the organic way (Organic ingredients are basically harmless!), Blissoma products are something to consider!
They may not be cheap, but they can be used for quite some time... Quite a good investment, I would say.

Thank you, Charis Naturals, for the opportunity in having me review the products! I would never have known about them if not for the recommendations. :)

If you would like to browse more of their products (there are many others, including make-up products!), here's the link:


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