Sunday, 8 February 2015

Far from the Truth

People have often told me that my personality and looks are contradictory.
In other words, the impression others have of me is a far cry from the real me.
Here are some of them: -

What people think of me: You seem like an outgoing person! I'm sure you love clubbing!
The real me: The truth is, I have NEVER been to clubbing - except for once when I attended an exclusive event that was held at a pub. *no choice* (I left before 12am afterwards, just in time to catch the last train back home) In fact, I dislike clubbing and alcohol. No offence to anyone, but clubbing is considered an unhealthy activity to me.

What people think of me: You sing well! Go and perform onstage!
The real me: This is probably not my first time saying this, but the truth is... I have SERIOUS stage fright issues. More than anyone can possibly have. It gets so serious that I could not even look at anyone from a stage view, become breathless, develop a shaky voice and I had to attend lessons just to get over my stage fright. 

What people think of me: You Jiak-gantang! (Translation: A Chinese who speaks English as 1st language)
The real me: I'm FAR from someone who speaks English in real life. Chinese language is my first language, and I am not really comfortable communicating in English as I am unable to express myself fully. I am not someone who digs ang moh or the Western culture, but rather someone who is into Chinese tradition and culture. (I love all things oriental!) Now, that's a surprising fact if you are someone who doesn't know me personally.

What people think of me: Since you are a Hokkien, I suppose you understand Hokkien.
The real me: Is it a necessity to understand the Hokkien dialect if I am a Hokkien? I'm more into the Cantonese dialect. 

What people think of me: From your photographs, I assume that you are quite a high maintenance woman.
The real me: I eat food from the hawker centers. food courts, pasar malams. I love Daiso. I can never appreciate branded stuff. (The only branded product I own is a COACH pouch given by my sister as a gift) The most expensive dress I ever bought for myself was less than $30.
 I would prefer a cheap 3 for $10 soft toy to a branded bag anytime.  I'm not afraid to say that Bong Qiu Qiu of Budget Barbie can't even be compared to me! HAHAHA.

What people think of me: You look like a Malay. Are you a Malaysian?
The real me: It's the make-up that makes me look... non-Chinese. I'm just your typical asian-looking neighbor across your street.

So Yeah... Before you know me, do not judge me.

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