Monday, 16 February 2015


So I received this e-mail a few days back - something out of the ordinary.

(Honestly, I actually BELIEVED the e-mail for a split second - which I find it really silly upon realization)

"CATHERINE, Notice of appearance in Court #00000950179‏", screamed the headline.

"Dear Catherine", it began.
Wow. It's addressed personally to me.

"You have to appear in the Court on the February 20. 
You are kindly asked to prepare and bring the documents relating to the case to Court on the specified date."

What...?! *stammers* You mean... I committed an offence? 
Oh DAMN it. I didn't know I can commit an offence in a country which I have never been to in my  25 years of life.


Or maybe... Maybe, I DID.
I killed someone in my dreams and now the authorities are after me,

And.. and...I have to prepare the documents that were attached in this e-mail.

BUT First, I have to unzip the documents that contain malicious malware so my computer can be compromised.

*rolls eyes*

Do you seriously think I'll be that stupid to believe that court documents will be presented to me in this manner?
Talk about Professionalism.

Apparently, the name "Tyler Summers" is indeed a legit name (In fact, this person really exists and IS a law attorney. Do some research and you'll find out)
Unfortunately, his name is being misused by scammers to inject panic in unsuspecting victims. 

Don't ask me why I am so certain this is a scam.
It's listed everywhere - and you can find them here, amongst the list of other e-mail scams that you should be aware of:

Not sure if anyone in Asia has received similar e-mail scams as I did, but I do hope this blog post can benefit someone out there in one way or another.

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