Monday, 20 April 2015

Its so Un..Un...Un..Un..Un..Unbelievable!

Seriously, this "Unbelievable" song is the rage on social media recently! 
I believe this song is of no stranger to your ears now: -

(Just in case, well... Someone out there may still be living in a well. Here you go:)

Honestly, I did not know why it was so highly raved when I first listened to it. It was not until I discovered that the song melody STUCK to my head like a glue and it wouldn't stop looping the words "Un..Un..Un..Un..Un...Unbelievable..."
Oh man, its hella' annoying but hilarious in a way.
I am impressed how the MV was done in the olden style, and even more amazed at how the producers managed to combine such "typical" Hokkien music with English lyrics.
Not to mention that the blue Karaoke-style wordings take the cake, too.
My mum watched the MV and she was pleasantly amused how a veteran actor like Chen Tian Wen is able to pull it off and became an instant internet sensation overnight. OVERNIGHT! The powers of social media, indeed. (And I am sure those producers did not see that coming. Haha)
As if this isn't exaggerating enough, he was featured on Taiwan and U.S news, too.
I'm so stunned. Like a vegetable.

And you won't believe how many covers have emerged since then - and they all sound UNBELIEVABLE.

I'm in no way affiliated to any of them, but just sharing their talent here:

1) The girl who sounds amazing even though she recorded this in the toilet:

2) The talented guy who can multi-task 

3) An interesting "Ang Moh":- You are gonna' love this. LOL.

It is hilarious how many mistook Chen Tian Wen for this singer:
(Check out the epic MRT scene)
So retro, can?!

It's so... Un.. Un..Un..Un...Un..Unbelievable. *does a head shake*

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  1. Haha! I love the song too, precisely coz it's so cheesy.

    I think the producers did know exactly what they were doing, this seems highly engineered to be a "viral success" - veteran actor, news coverage (PR machine at work?), covers (some compensated?). IDK maybe I'm just too cynical from being in the media industry too long. :)