Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Cookie Museum

Before I begin, I would like to emphasize that this is NOT an advertorial - but purely just sharing the interesting stuff I stumbled upon during my recent shopping trip.
(I think I am going to start sharing more good stuff from now on so that everyone can benefit from it too!)

As most of you may (or may not) known by now, there's this interesting store in Singapore called "The Cookie Museum".

Don't be fooled by its name - I thought it was a museum at first, as in those museum with exhibitions.  *laughs*
It turned out to be a store that sells REALLY exquisite cookies. It's a pity that I did not take any pictures of them, but I have googled some images for illustration purposes.

One of the appealing factors about the store : - Its display and interior design (somehow reminds me of a Victorian style)

How their cookies look like in a tin:

But I am not going to talk about their NORMAL cookies here - It was some other flavor that intrigued me.

In view of SG50, they have came up with EXCLUSIVE Singapore flavored cookies that are just.. MINDBLOWING.
I am not exaggerating here.

Have you ever heard of cookies in NASI LEMAK, PRAWN ROLL, LAKSA, GREEN CURRY, CHICKEN RICE, CHILLI CRAB flavors?

Believe me, my first thought was "EEEW... That will be disgusting." It will never be something I thought was possible.

Not until.... I was given the chance to try their sample pieces.
My eyes literally popped when I tried the Nasi Lemak flavored cookies.
DAMN, they actually TASTED like the real thing. The familiar taste of ikan bilis and sambal chilli was so freaking' prominent.

There's even REAL ikan bilis located on top of each piece of cookie.

The cookies come in containers like this:

I was shocked how they are able to come up with cookies with such a  local twist.
I wanted to try the chicken rice version, but was told that it was running low in stocks and they did not have the sample pieces anymore. :(

It turned out that it was one of the hot-selling flavors!! Damn, it must have tasted as good as the Nasi Lemak version.
*grits teeth*

I was so tempted to purchase them, but the prices are way over my budget. Each tin costs approximately over SGD 40 per tin (and it contains only 30 plus cookies).
I guess good things are worth the money, but the prices just do not cut it for me.
It makes an excellent great gift idea for the elderly or overseas friends though - as they are very uniquely Singapore!
Just perfect for the SG50 season!

If you are interested to try their sample pieces too (which is FREE and non-obligatory!), here are their locations:

1) Marina Square Shopping Mall,

2) Raffles City Shopping Centre,

3) Takashimaya Shopping Centre,

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