Friday, 12 June 2015

From a Daydream to Reality

I have been waiting for awhile to post this now... and I can finally publicly share this piece of good news with all my readers!!

I know it's still a wee bit early, but I am tremendously hyped by this year's NDP (National Day Parade)! If you haven't been to the NDP exhibition at Marina Square Central (Atrium area), you totally should....


I am one of this year's NDP Funpack designers!! *screams*

Featuring my two babies~

I have to say I am deeply humbled and thrilled at the same time. I have always loved art and design, and having my creations featured in the annual NDP has always been a big dream of mine. 

Year after year, I would find myself staring longingly at the NDP funpacks and go, "If only I can have the opportunity to design for the funpack too..."

It was nothing but a mere daydream.

Honestly, I wouldn't have believed this far-fetched dream would come true one day.

And when it DID, I had to pinch myself a few times to ensure that this wasn't a dream.
(Even if it was, don't wake me up pleeeassee.. LOL)

From creating the designs to holding them physically in my hands, the feeling couldn't have been more surreal.


Being someone who daydreams ALOT and haven't had the chance to do my parents proud, it's definitely one of the biggest achievements for me. 
Despite the fact that my designs may not be the best amongst the rest, I'm already contented that I have been granted the opportunity to share my work with the nation.

(Thank you to my papa and mama for going to the NDP exhibition with me - The fact that both of you came and took photos with my work means alot to me. I'm happy that there is finally something in my life that I can make you feel proud of! Nothing more I can ask for, really.)

And to my supportive friends and colleagues, a major THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have visited the exhibition way before I was even there and took beautiful photographs to share with me. I was really touched beyond words by all the supportive gestures. It makes me feel so blessed.
It's your constant encouragement that keeps me going. :)

This year, the SG Funpack will be distributed to every household in Singapore (Yes, you heard it right! Everyone will get a funpack even if you are watching the NDP from the comfort of your own home!)  - Please do keep a lookout for this postcard that you will be getting/have already gotten in your mailbox. This is no advertisement paper! I have heard stories of some who have thrown it away by accident *cries*

It looks like this:
(Credits to NDPeeps Facebook)

Just more information about the NDP funpacks - There will be a total of 50 different designs this year (I am not certain if you will be able to choose your desired design though)
Although I may be one of the designers for the funpacks, I will not force anyone to prefer mine over other designs because there are many that look really impressive!! Everyone has different preferences, and I do hope that all of you will be able to get a design that you really like!

Every design has an inspiration to it: - and here are mine.
If you are interested to see more, you can view other designers' creations on here too (Can you believe that there are designers as young as 6-year-old too?! They are really talented, I would say!): 
The inspiration behind my design is the spirit of harmony and unity that prevails among Singaporeans – regardless of race, language or religion. I have always loved the sight of Singapore flags being hung proudly during National Day (it never fails to give me a sense of pride as a Singaporean). Through my design, I hope to portray the strong spirit of each and every Singaporean celebrating SG50 together!

The inspiration behind my design is childhood memories. As a kid, I loved playgrounds. I’ll never forget the iconic “Dragon” that intrigued me so much as I spent countless hours climbing and sliding down the terrazzo slide. I hope my design is able to create a sense of nostalgia for Singaporeans who can relate to it as well!
I wish Singapore a Happy, Prosperous, 50th Birthday! As a gesture of my love to Singapore, here’s a short poem I came up with: -
There’s no other place like Singapore,
A tiny red dot as what people call.
A small country but there’s no war,
Here’s a place I give my all.
Though we are “kiasu”, “kiasi”, and so much more,
I just love Singapore to the core!”

Here are some videos relating to the NDP funpacks if you are interested - Spot me if you can!

Here are the contents in the Funpack:-

I believe the tickets to the NDP Parade this year would be difficult to get as SG50 is going to be quite a grand one. I have quite a number of friends who managed to get the tickets. What can I say?! LUCKY THEM.

For those who failed at balloting (like me) and are about to give up hope on getting the tickets, there is still a small glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Again, we can't escape the game of luck though.

From now to 14th June 2015, Sunday, visit the NDP Exhibition 2015 at Marina Square Central and participate in their activities for a chance to win the NDP tickets! 
There are many photo ops too, so you won't lose out in any way! Haha. 

I hope that all of you will be able to join in the celebration of SG50 in one way or another. 
As a patriotic Singaporean, I am really proud to be able to experience the moment of SG50. 

Honestly, I'm quite excited about NDP 2015 (GIVE ME THE TICKETS, PLEASE!!) as there will be features of nostalgic segments (Do you know that there would be a vintage parade going on, too?!?! I am SO, SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!) and many more that will have us walk down the memory lane together as a nation.
This is going to be majestic. I can feel it.

Enough said, do head down to the NDP Exhibition 2015 by Sunday while you have the chance!

Don't forget to drop by and take selfies or photographs with my Funpack designs if you are there, huh! Haha.
And.... .... Feel free to share them with me if you do! *winks*

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  1. Gosh these are the two designs I've been searching for people to trade with me for in carousel. They are nice!