Sunday, 28 June 2015

[Short Update] Finally had the chance to visit the NDP Exhibition Booth!

I finally got the chance to visit the NDP Exhibition Booth (my family was there, too!) before it officially closed.
It was a MUST-GO for me as I had wanted to take photographs with my NDP funpacks.
(A big THANK YOU to all who have went to support the designs!)

Seeing them for the first time ever at the exhibition was just... *overwhelmed with emotions*

My featured profile in the list of designers! 

I am sure most of you would have received the SG NDP Funpack postcard in your mailbox by now (I have finally received mine after what seemed like ages).

As below are the 50 designs that will be randomly given:- I finally found a proper pic!

This year's NDP is going to be so exciting, I can just feel it.
Stay tuned to my blog for more updates! :-)

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