Wednesday, 8 July 2015

SPOT ME! RED DOT Campaign – Have you spotted it yet?

Have you guys spotted something on the road, and wondered what it exactly was?
So far, I have spotted so many that it's impossible not to be aware of them.

Here are a few photos that I took; I made it a point to snap a pic of it whenever it's spotted!

Seen it, recognize it.. Yet?

I didn't mean spotting the bus lah, but THIS
The little red "ball" that looks sooo cute...

Like an antenna, hor?!?!

I kept seeing it, especially at the back of buses.
 Don't ask me where I spotted them, they are just everywhere!

I'm sure you will be able to spot one too, wherever you are at. 

And this was also just recently taken - I spotted it on a lorry parked near a marketplace.
 I sounded like a lunatic when I spotted it.

"HEY! THAT BALL, THAT BALL!! I HAVE TO TAKE A PIC OF IT!!", I told a shocked friend beside me who thought I went berserk.

But HEY, I don't get excited for nothing. I'm sure you will also be going around spotting it like me after reading this post.


Easy Peasy.

How cool is that?! 
This is actually a part of a SG50 campaign called "SPOT ME! RED DOT" by ComfortDelGro along with Moove Media to raise $250,000 for a good cause! (More information below as you read on)

Participating in the campaign is free - All you need is just a pair of sharp eyes and mobile phone/camera with you at all times. Of course, you have to be fast and ensure the vehicles don't move off before snapping the pic, lah. Haha.

As long as you spot it, there will be a chance to win. 
This gives you more reason to go out with friends mah! *smirks*

HHere's a picture illustration of how to join:-
The first pic is the owner of the vehicle clipping the Red Dot so excited people like me can spot and take a pic:-
  • Step 1: Spot a Red Dot! (Red Dot on a vehicle)
  • Step 2: Snap a photo of the Red Dot!
  • Step 3: Upload it to Spot Me! Red Dot Facebook / Instagram (@SpotMeRedDot) with #SpotMeRedDot.

In case you are not aware, this campaign has been ongoing for a month now - from 5 June to 31 August 2015.
AND if you are one of those who have been clueless about these red little thingy (they are officially known as a "Red Dot") before, now you know!

For drivers who find the Red Dots cute and thinking if you can have one, too. 


(Image credit to: Moove Media)

(And do you know that you are entitled to a winning chance too if you were spotted by Moovers?! 好心有好报!)

On top of that, this move is a part of the good cause that I mentioned earlier as ALL proceeds of the Red Dot sales will go to FOUR different beneficiaries.
(Lions Befrienders Service Association, Handicaps Welfare Association, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped)

You are actually doing a good deed by purchasing each Red Dot.
More information are listed on their official website HERE

From the last I checked, it appeared that many have spotted and won prizes (There are over $50,000 worth of prizes to be won, so there are still tons of chances to be one of the winners!!)

There are many places with the Red Dot stickers promoting the Campaign as well; I got so excited that I even snapped photographs of the stickers (although no prizes, lah!) I felt that I have sharper eyes now - I can spot anything that's related to the campaign! HAHA.
See how hardworking I am : -

At bus interchange:

On the bus:

On the floor of a MRT station platform (LOL!):

If you haven't give their Facebook page a "LIKE" already, go do so now!! No harm - Only gain in chances of winning!! 


Be part of the Spot Me! Red Dot Campaign now!! Go, Go!!

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