Monday, 29 June 2015

GrabTaxi - Just a marketing gimmick!

With all the Promotion codes and marketing tactics offered by different cab-booking agencies (such as Uber, Hailo, etc) recently, I got into a cab frenzy.

With the promotions, I was able to enjoy booking cabs without hassle and not spending much money on my rides as most of them were waived off using the codes.

Somehow, I think their marketing was a success. Through the promotions, I knew about their existence and tried their services, which I thought was splendid.

Unfortunately, I had my FIRST negative experience with a new application that I have never tried before, and I'm certain it would be my last.
(Sorry lah, I really wanted to put in a good word or two about you.. But I just couldn't find any reason to.)

Their service was just... Appalling.

Yes, it's none other than GrabTaxi.
Sounds familiar?? Yes, it recently boasted of a promotion code that would entitle passengers a $15 discount of cab ride - as a "wedding gift" from their Founder, CEO Anthony Tan.

I know, some of you must be thinking, "Since they are already kind enough to give you a free ride worth $15, why are you even complaining??"

Now, let me tell you...
Will you complain if they do not deliver the slightest bit of service that they are supposed to offer?
Bluntly speaking, the promotion is as good as NOT offering to passengers.

As it was my first time trying the service, I used their promotion code "GRABLOVE", thinking that it might take a long while for the cabs to arrive since I was sure many would be utilizing the code as well.

I was okay with the wait as I did not expect much since it is free, but... I hate to say it that the wait was nothing more than a futile one.
(You know... more like wasting time waiting for a fruit to drop from the sky?)
Yes, I was shown a page that there were SEVERAL cab drivers within near distance and GUESS WHAT?!?!

NONE. Basically NONE of them took up my booking.

Fine. I tried again.
And Again.
And and... Again.

I guess I have lost count the amount of times I have tried - and you know you have to give up when getting a cab through the app seems like an IMPOSSIBLE task.
I was told repeatedly that there was NO driver.
It appeared that a MIRACLE was needed to make it happen, huh?

As I did not take any screenshot in the midst of my frustration that day, I managed to find a similar pic from one of the Facebook complaints that were posted.

Apparently, I discovered I was not the only one when I logged on to their page - with many complaining of the same issue that I faced. I scrolled through the comments and found only one comment from a passenger who managed to successfully book a cab on 27th June 2015.

To make matters worse, there were several people claiming that they managed to get a cab within seconds AFTER they removed the promotion code. 

Talk about being practical.

This goes to show that it was not that there was no driver! BUT they had REFUSED to pick up passengers who utilize the code (probably because they earn nothing from this promotion or they think that such passengers are cheapos?!) 

If the cab drivers are going to be such selective choosers, then why bother offering such promotions when it only PROMOTE frustration in passengers?

Basically speaking, if you can't COPE with such expected overwhelming response, then please don't risk your own reputation by promising to give something you can't deliver.

I have always thought of Grabtaxi as an app that I would love to try after hearing how highly raved it was by bloggers and vloggers, but I guess all is just a marketing gimmick.
Yes, I am sure the success rate of booking a cab will definitely be  100% now - because the promotion is over.


Thanks, but no thanks. Congratulations on the wedding and kind gesture in offering the free rides - probably I just am one of the "not fated" ones amongst the hundreds who were on the same boat, too.

I don't wish to compare... but back to Uber and Hailo!

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