Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The Moove Cows are at it again!
Do you recognize these familiar cow faces that are almost everywhere in Singapore?

(I am sure you do, because I tried asking my friends and their reactions were like, "OH YES, YES! I RECOGNIZE THESE COWS!!!")
Oh, they are known as Moove Cows by the way!

The Cows are especially highly active during SG50, and you should be excited whenever you spot them because you are entitled to winning prizes when you do.

And you should be glad that you are here reading this blog entry, too, because I am doing a really SIMPLE giveaway of the Trade and Win Moove Cows stickers here that will entitle you to win prizes as well! Just don't be lazy and read till the end of my post - I guarantee you that you will not walk away empty-handed if you are one of my chosen winners! (Yes, I'll be selecting 8 winners in my giveaway, so everyone stands a chance!!)

Just in case you haven't heard of it yet - Here's the Trade & Win Moove Cows contest that is quite simple, interactive and fun to play with your friends. I'll show you how.

Step 1- Find 2 Moove Cow Stickers (They can be given out at any NDP show or through selected partners...AND NOW ON SGCOMPLAINQUEEN'S BLOG TOO! HAHAHA)

Step 2-  Find 1 other Moove Cow sticker to complete a set of 3. You may ask your friends (You never know if they have one of the Trade and Win Moove Cows stickers), family or even trading community online on Moove Media's Facebook page. Click HERE))

Step 3- OMG! You are almost there.... Almost touching the prize now. Simply just upload a photo of yourself with the 3 designs you collected in your most Singaporean way. Never mind about being unglam - It can grant you prizes, you know!

Don't forget.. The army Moove Cow doubles up as 2x points!

**BONUS** If you managed to get the Moove Cow sticker in army uniform, that counts as 2 points!  Exciting, boh?!?

The game reminds me of trading card games, but in a more exciting way!!
Now for the part you have been waiting for - and I promised- So here it is:-

I have gotten 16 Trade and Win Moove Cows stickers in my hands *evil laugh* And I'll only release hostage of them if you can answer a reeeaaally simple question.

The really simple question:
How many set of stickers should you collect for the Trade & Win contest? (Hint: The answer can be found in this blog entry itself! Just don't be lazy and scroll up.)

E-mail your answer to: catherinejaevans@hotmail.com with the subject header: "TRADE and WIN MOOVE COWS CONTEST" by 20th August 2015! I'll release hostage of the Cows to you if you are one of the selected ones.
Do provide me your Name and Mobile number so that I can contact you soonest if you are one of my lucky winners!
It's really that easy and fun. Get your friends to join too!

(So they will know what you are doing with the cows... Hmm)

Here- A deserve-a-punch-on-the-face photo before I end this entry...

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