Tuesday, 4 August 2015

NDP Ticket Contest Giveaway Results

A big Thank You to each and every one of you lovely people who participated in my recent NDP Ticket Giveaway contest!
Responses have been overwhelming, and I really enjoyed reading the entries that were submitted - Some of you have sent in amazing write-ups that were attached with photographs that were simply heartwarming.
Trust me, I hate the fact that I only have a pair of tickets to giveaway because I feel that everyone of you deserve to enjoy the NDP Parade! 

I know how frustrating it is not to be able to attain tickets every year - and the fact that my NDP tickets can change a person's lifetime experience makes it all the more pressurizing. I wish I have the power to have many pairs of NDP tickets in my hands! 

As much as I hate to end this Giveaway, a winner will eventually have to be selected - and I decided to play fair by using a Random Generator (Due to too many deserving responses and I just couldn't choose by myself)

The best entries were filtered and selected by me (I have selected 7 best entries out of the lot since 7 is known to be a lucky number) and a random generator was used to pick the number that would eventually be my lucky winner.

The reason of being fair is due to the fact that I have personal friends who participated as well - and I have promised that no biasm will be involved in this contest. Everyone stands a fair chance. (I am really sorry to all my friends who participated but wasn't selected by the generator :( )

(A number has been allocated beside your name when you sent in the e-mail. I'll be using the number to find out the name of the winner once the Random Generator has given its result).
Congratulations, Anthony Ng!
I hope that you will be able to bring your mum to our nation's big celebration at the Padang on 9th August 2015.

*Updated on 6th August 2015*
Here's Anthony, who came down for the collection! :)

As for everyone else who submitted, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in the Giveaway. Please do not feel disheartened - I am sure more good things are coming your way.

As a token of appreciation, I'll be sending consolation prizes (more details in the e-mail that will be sent to you soon).
I have more Giveaways coming up on my blog as well, so please do stay tuned!


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