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[Review] Nanoblock fun!!!

Have you guys heard of nanoblock?
Think Lego. Only that the bricks are much smaller in scale (In my opinion, nanoblocks are cuter!)

When nanoblock Singapore approached me for a review, I knew it would be something I would love to - because I have personally seen them in retail stores before and was greatly fascinated by the different varieties.  I doubted my ability to be able to build them then, but I have proven myself wrong after this review!!

Here's my parcel from nanoblock Singapore - and it took ONLY 1 day to arrive in my mailbox! Just in time for the long SG50 weekend! Hooray!!

I was so thrilled when I opened my parcel - In it laid 2 boxes of Hello Kitty nanoblock from the Sanrio series that nanoblock Singapore had specially chosen for me (Thank you soooooo much!) 

The vibrant colors of the boxes made me so happy - I just COULDN'T WAIT to start building them right away.

But first ..Let me take some photographs! 

I invited my Hello Kitty mascot to be my model, in which she happily obliged.

Let me start with the Block Art Hello Kitty

Front view:

Back view:

There was a see-through square near the bottom left of the box that allows you to preview the size of the blocks before opening it. CUTE.

Carefully, I opened the box. Here are the contents - complete with a step-by-step diagram that is essential in building the nanoblock.

Here are the blocks! Cute, aren't they?! I find it amazing how piecing them together will eventually form such a majestic piece.

Here's something I must emphasize - I'm impressed by how the pieces are grouped and individually wrapped in different packaging.

This makes finding the pieces so much easier and can be easily sorted out!

This square piece is the base where I would start assembling them.

The diagram:

Trust me, it is not as complicated as it seems! In fact, the diagram makes everything easy as the details are illustrated VERY clearly. From the colors to where the blocks should go, just follow accordingly and there is no way you can possibly go wrong!

My first step... Looking good!

 Slowly and carefully, I proceeded on with my second and third layers. It's slowly taking shape!

Within 20 minutes, I managed to get the house and tree in shape! I could feel the excitement in me as I stacked on the blocks... I just couldn't wait to see the final product~!

I built the Hello Kitty's head separately, in which I would later combine them with the rest of the pieces. 

Now.. Ready for my masterpiece?!?!


I can't get enough of how adorable it is! Not to mention that I find it unbelievable that I built it from scratch *proud look*

I ran to my mum's room and showed her. "MUM, LOOK AT THIS! I JUST FINISHED BUILDING IT MYSELF LEH!!!"

She smiled. "WAH, SO LI HAI (English translation: smart) ah!!! "

*inserts proud look here again*

*Sense of Achievement unlocked*

Believe me, building these nanoblocks can be highly addictive. It's a fun process, and provides you this sense of satisfaction upon completion.

I enjoyed it so much that I proceeded to open my second nanoblock box straightaway.

Here's the second one that nanoblock Singapore sent me - Hello Kitty Marine Cruise!

The contents:-

See?! They are so nice to group these small pieces together in a pack so everything wouldn't be in a mess. 

A translucent blue base this time! I like this!!

The diagram: 

Fast and furious, I started getting down to work:

Step by step... 

On the right track!

Ok I know you must be feeling anxious to see the end product now, so here you go!!!
If you haven't noticed, this one is so special because the Hello Kitty is wearing a sailor cap that's "tilted" to one side! I love this so much.

I took this shot against a blue background so it looks like the kitty is sailing. Hahaha.

I hate to admit this.. But I am officially hooked to nanoblock.

Personally, I feel that building nanoblock is a productive way to spend time. I get to enjoy the process while feeling the excitement as I piece them together. It gives me the ultimate anticipation to see the end product built from my own hands! A sense of achievement is guaranteed. HAHAHA.

Not only that, I strongly believe nanoblock is something that will be well-liked by adults and young children alike. Come on...If a noob like me is able to build them, I am sure ANYONE can, too!

If you are interested to get some nanoblock for yourself or friends (they make great gifts!), I highly recommend purchasing from nanoblock Singapore - They make everything hassle-free and one of the main highlights is that you can EARN nanopoints with each purchase or referral that will entitle you to redeem exclusive nanoblock products!!!

Here are the 6 reasons that will convince you, if you haven't been already:

Honestly, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't purchase from them. If their prices are same as retail stores, I would rather have them send the products to my doorstep and yet I could earn points at the same time!
Furthermore, they offer FREE standard shipping and you will be able to track your order online. The prices you see as stated on their website will be the prices you pay upon checkout - No additional cost or gimmick. I really love this.

YES, I have to emphasize that the products they sell are AUTHENTIC as well.
There is no worry that you will get counterfeits (which are floating around in the market).

In case you are wondering, they have many MORE series featured on their website;apart from the Sanrio series:-(

As below are a few of my favorites too - Structures of different sights and buildings! Nothing seems impossible to be built using nanoblock. Haha.

Fun to play and beautiful for display, hor?!?!?!

Don't forget to sign up for an account (It's free, lah!) on their website so you can start earning points right away.

They have a referral system whereby you can refer your friends to earn more points, too!

As below is my referral link that you can sign up for an account through:
You will be able to get 10% off your first purchase as well!

 Don't say I never share good stuff with you. 
Now, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

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