Sunday, 22 November 2015

Modern Girls = Money or Love?

So I came across an attention-grabbing pic on Facebook the other day (I'm sure many have seen it, too since people were crazily sharing it)

It was posted by a girl, believed to be a Singaporean since the notes are in Singapore currency, duh. LOL.

A bouquet of money - Perfect for anyone who sees money as God.

From the comments, it appeared that many were envious of the girl as they were gushing over how blessed she is (Since it is believed that this was a gift from her boyfriend)

Granted that money can be used to buy almost ANYTHING in the world - there is no denial that everyone loves it (Who doesn't love money, right??!)
But... I just find it appalling how people view Materialism as a form of blessing. 
Not that I am being jealous of the above-mentioned girl, but I just think that the line between money and love has blurred in our modern society.

If a guy is rich and willing to give you lots of money to spend on anything you like, you will instantly become the center of attention where friends would be green with envy.
People will think you lead a blissful life because your other half is RICH.

I do personally know of girls whom were open about their criteria in looking for a boyfriend. 

Somehow, I pity those guys. Either they are obsessed with the girl, or just purely... blinded.
Yes, you would think your girl loves you for who you are. 
Try being broke and bankrupt, and see if she will still stick by you.
If yes, congratulations. She's a keeper.
If no, then I'm sorry. No love for you from the second your money is gone. LOL)
That's a reality happening in our modern society. 
(Yes, if you are those kind of girls... SHAME ON YOU)

I am not saying that ALL girls are like that, I am just quoting from the commonly-seen examples.
When I was younger, I thought materialistic girls were only found in dramas and movies. How naive.

Many have asked me the same question everyone would have faced at least once in their life -
What do you look for in a boyfriend?

To be honest, money is NEVER a priority in my looking-for criteria.
Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to be different from other girls or making myself sound like a worthy down-to-earth girl.
I am just speaking from the perspective of what I really think.

Even if you are an handsome individual who is rich and able to buy me the moon and stars, I will never fall for you if the feelings are not right.
I'll rather choose someone who is poor but rich in love. 
I'm okay with eating porridge for my 3 meals.
I'm okay with living in a small flat with my other half.
I'm okay with not receiving luxurious gifts (in fact, I prefer handmade ones. I really do not understand why anyone would DISLIKE handmade gifts)

As long as you are not some rich Casanova who has difficulty staying loyal and taking my simpleness for granted - Money and looks are nothing but just additional bonus.

What is money without love?
Maybe modern girls don't believe in true love anymore, I guess.

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