Thursday, 31 December 2015

First post of 2016! (And a bit about unleashing the Shopaholic in me)

I'm trying my best to be an avid blogger like I used to, but I guess time doesn't permit at times.
Still, I'll try to update as much as possible - before my readers begin to think that I am forsaking my blog!
Well, I am starting this new entry in a brand new year - Yes baby, it's 2016! Time flies, isn't it? And this means that I'm one year older ? (No, I don't like the sound of it, please.)

And I have been crazy about online shopping lately - With all the awesome promotions going on, I would feel that I'm living my life with regrets if I don't buy them!
(Thanks ah, Shopee and Taobao
I guess I finally understand the definition of online shopping. It is the process of purchasing items that you don't really need but yet YOU WANT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CHEAP/reasonably priced TO MISS.

Seriously, I've already lost count of how many items that have been delivered to my house on an almost daily basis. 
NO. I only spent a few bucks purchasing stuff that were originally priced way higher than that. #shopaholicexcuses

I caught on the 12.12 fever sometime back, and got myself some stuff that are simply out of this world - based on their prices.
I posted this image on my Facebook when I got this - It's just so cute. (or was anyone actually tricked into thinking this is an actual Macbook?)
 It's just a portable mirror, lah. 
I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I got it at $1.20!!! Would you have gotten it?!
Shiok max. I have seen this before and wanted to get it a long time back - but it was priced way higher, approximately $5-$6 each. I was glad I placed my temptation on hold and caught on this promotion!

And I got myself a set of Mcdonald's Nanobricks too! (Of course they are pirated, lah... But I still had endless fun with them.)
These were just 3 out of the 6 I've successfully built after much heartache and frustration.
And I got the set of 6 at only $12!! (Actual price was actually $29.90) Faintzzz...

And a Tsum Tsum Lotso as well - $1.20!!!
Tell me, tell me - I can't justify this at all if I don't buy it, right?!?!
(I think this is not really an authentic Disney product also, but I don't mind since I am not a collector of the series. I just collect anything that looks cute to me!! LOL. So you Disney fanatics... Refrain from preaching or telling me that I've gotten myself a bootleg product. YES, I AM AWARE BUT I STILL CHOSE TO GET IT. Tqvm.)

There are still many other stuff that I have yet to post up, but I have gotten some really awesome products too. (Such as a 16GB Sandisk thumbdrive at only $1.20 and mini SDcard at $1.90!!)
What I thought was a scam (Referring to the Shopee app, an online shopping mobile platform) has proven me wrong.
Although Shopee did not take initiative to look me up to do any advertorial for them, but I shall give them a shoutout since they are so awesome, lah.
Thanks for the constant discounts that came with unbelievable price tags. 

OK, I can't believe I just rambled on for the past half hour.
I've more to share on my next blog entry! Stay tuned.. 

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