Monday, 2 November 2015


Since young, I have always been a fan of Vitagen drinks.

My dad used to replenish them in the fridge whenever they ran out - and I would look forward to drinking one bottle each day (I was told not to have more than one bottle per day, boo!) There's just something about those drinks that made me feel delightful.
I mean, it's not often that you come across drinks that are tasty and YET a healthy one at the same time, right?

I'm not sure why my dad stopped replenishing them one day - I guess they are not really cheap.
It was not until recently my mum started to purchase them from our nearest NTUC again, and I was back to my Vitagen routine.

Honestly, it has been YEARS since I last had one - and I was thrilled. I drank them almost on a daily basis. Ah, the good ol' taste.

You know, I really wish I didn't have to type this because I've started off this entry on such a beautiful note. You might have thought this is just another advertorial about Vitagen and how much of a fan I am... Right???

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a positive blog entry - and I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. In fact, it took me quite long to finally put this up - for the sake of anyone who might have experienced similar issues as me and this could mean potential health hazard.

Most of my Facebook friends might have seen this post I made on 26 October 2015; in which I immediately put up after taking a huge gulp of the Grape-flavored Vitagen drink that I thought would taste oh-so-heavenly.

To be honest, this was not my FIRST time tasting something weird from Vitagen drinks. The very first time I did, I decided not to kick a big fuss as I thought, "Well, probably just my imagination". I never knew Vitagen can taste bad anyway.

It was not until I opened my 2nd bottle and took such a huge gulp that soon became a huge regret. 
I did not feel anything strange when it was in my mouth as I swallowed too fast (Too bad, I'm born with a huge mouth) - but more of the AFTERTASTE that followed thereafter.

IF ONLY you readers can taste it from just looking at the picture. IF ONLY. Not that I am trying to be evil, but you just have to TASTE it to BELIEVE.

WAH - Can you imagine the bitterness (I can't even begin to explain it.. Shall I use bitter gourd as a comparison?) that overwhelmed my taste buds. There was no tinge of Grape at all, but more of a melted plastic chemical-ish taste. Any sane person will tell you that this is NOT how a Vitagen drink tastes like. I can bet my 500 bucks on it. 

It was as though someone has replaced the original drink with something pure evil in the bottle - and I was that unlucky fellow to take that huge gulp. 

By the time I was aware of the bad taste, I knew it was too late. I was completely helpless as I felt the cold sensation from the drink trickling down the walls of my throat.

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

The thought of throwing up crossed my mind. I was fearful of any harmful effect it would do to my body.
I did not do it eventually, but drank lots of water in hopes of flushing down instead. 

I ran to my mum, and told her to take a whiff.
AND GUESS WHAT SHE SAID even before she realized it?


Can you imagine... imagine... that "smelly" smell was the one that entered my mouth?!

After the water flush, I wish things would turn for the better at this point - but NOPE. They just got uglier.

My tongue felt numb (it was similar to the kind of numbness you get when you scald your tongue after drinking hot soup), and it just wouldn't go away until the 2nd day.
Worst of all, I developed slight ITCHY red rashes on my body that night. Fortunately, they did not escalate to a point in which medical help was needed. The rashes faded the next morning.

(I wouldn't be posting this if it was as that would have been my bad, then. Lol)

There was still a week's life to it. (Noted that I posted that Facebook post on 26 October 2015 while the expiry date show on my Vitagen bottle was supposed to be in November 2015)

I still have a full packet of Vitagen drinks left that I did not dare to try after the experience. BUT seeing that it would be wasteful, I placed my faith in another bottle again.
Let me tell you - that bottle tasted bad as well. Just that it was not as bad as the former.
It was considered drinkable, but the aftertaste I got was disturbing. I expected it was my mind playing tricks, but I had my dad to taste it and he told me he could taste plastic from it as well.

"I don't remember Vitagen drinks to taste like this," he said. He put down the bottle and told me he dared not continue to drink it further as the taste was just not right.

Seriously, I have developed a Vitagen-phobia now (if there's ever such a phobia).

I did a research online to see if anyone had the same experience as me -and found a blog entry from Year 2012 that described the drink as being bitter as well. Apparently, I am not the only one.
Here's the entry, if you are interested to read it.

After posting it on Facebook, I have had friends commenting that they have not encountered such issues as they purchased their supplies from door-to-door Vitagen salesperson.
I'm happy for them that their impression of Vitagen has not tarnished like me. Mine was purchased from a different source, so I have no idea if that would be a contributing factor.
I just hope that Vitagen can maintain quality drinks as before. For now, I am most definitely not trying another bottle again. 
Really. I'm afraid. Very afraid.
If anyone has similar experiences as me, please do share.


  1. it really nightmare to have such as Vitagen-phobia when i read how much you suffer.
    maybe you just drink fake one.

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  2. Good post! Both brands have too much sugar any way! :)