Tuesday, 27 October 2015

For a Good Cause:- 20 Fun Ways to use a Red Dot!

Remember the blog post I made on the Red Dot Campaign prior to our nation's birthday?
(If you haven't, here's the entry: CLICK)
Anyway, that contest had already ended. If you missed it, then too bad huh.

Just kidding.

Is any of you still holding on to these Red Dots? You are in luck if you do!
(Or if you do not have a Red Dot yet, I'll share with you how you can get it as you read on!)

Moove Media has came up with another interesting contest that you can stand a chance to win with these Red Dots!
The contest has already commenced since 15 September 2015, so be quick - THEY CHOOSE WINNERS ON A WEEKLY BASIS! 

And the the game is so super duper simple (Moove Media always make it so easy to win big!) - All you have to do is to think of DIFFERENT FUN WAYS TO USE THE RED DOT.

I am sure all of you Singaporeans and selfie kings/queens out there can do it lor!

I know many of us are good at making crazy faces and coming out with lots of patterns (pattern more than badmintion, ah!) when taking selfies. Now is your chance to turn that talent of yours into winning entries for the contest! In the rare occasion that you ever find yourself running out of ideas, you can engage your friends to join in the fun with you, too! Turn the Red Dot into anything - You can try to perform magic with it, use it as a clown's nose or smack it like a ping pong ball. Anything, lah. As long as these actions are being captured on camera - You can submit them.

I love these little illustrations that Moove Media came up with! Cracked me up, HAHAHA.

Now this is genius.

I have seen several entries on their Facebook page and some of them are darn hilarious - You may wish to take a look or just simply join in the fun by uploading your photos there. 
If Instagram is preferred, you can upload your photos on there too - Just don't forget to include the hashtag #20FunWays
As long as you participate, you CAN have the chance to win.

OH - If you do not have a Red Dot YET and is wondering where and how to get one to join in the contest, fret not.
Each Red Dot can still be purchased at $10 each via appointment with Moove Media- and it's entirely for  charity. Each Red Dot is a contribution for a good cause! 

You may wish to contact them through e-mail at: moovemarketing@moovemedia.com

(Even if you do not wish to join in the contest, you can just get a Red Dot for fun and charity, lah)
Go go - Join now, you can thank me later if you are one of the winners.


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