Sunday, 15 November 2015

SunMoon Products - HEALTHY and yet YUMMY?!?!

When it comes to healthy products, I am sure the word "Yummy" is not the first thing that comes to mind.
At least, that was what I thought.
Until ... ... I came across products from SunMoon.

In case you are wondering what is SunMoon, they are a company that majors in healthy fruits - and they CAN make people who dislike eating fruits to LIKE them. (Sounds funny,I know... But I am speaking from experience) 
You guys will know what I meant as you read on.

Honestly, I have been loving their products since years ago (but their products were quite rare then)- and their variety just gets more and more!

As below are some of them (I am sure many of you would have seen them before at selected vending machines as well - There's one stationed outside Funan IT Mall!)

SunMoon fruit cups
(My personal favorite!)

(Assorted fruits: - Seasonal Mixed Fruits, Mandarin Orange and Peach - all dipped in rich Apple Juice!)

One of the reasons why I am so digging these fruit cups is because they are very convenient for consumption. (Did I mention that each cup comes with an individual spoon too?) 
Honestly, I am one lazy bum whom dislikes going through the hassle of peeling the skins of physical fruits. With these fruit cups, I can just store them in the fridge, open them and just... eat lor.
The only thing is that they are so TIGHTLY sealed - not exactly an easy task to peel them open. But it isn't a bad thing at all because this also means that the fruits are very safely (and freshly) preserved.

I love the fact that they belong to the healthy range, and yet VERY tasty - I could eat more than 2 cups at one go!

I especially like the Mandarin Orange fruit cup - The orange slices are just so soft and juicy! If you are one who prefers an assorted mix of fruits, there's the Seasonal Mixed Fruits cup that you can try - it contains mandarin oranges, peach and pear slices! 

I got so fascinated that I got a few for my dad, and he loves the fruit cups as well. Not too sweet for the elderly.

I just had the peach version today - and look at how appetizing the slices looked!


If you are one that goes for cutesy cartoon and designs, SunMoon even came out with a special edition that makes the fruit cups look so presentable even as gifts!
Each pack contains 3 fruit cups - and here's Superman on the cover! The one I got was the mandarin orange flavor fruit cups.

Very cute, right?!?! If you are a Superman hardcore fan, I will not be surprised if you decide to collect the packaging. Hahaha..

And here's the fruit cup - Looks smaller in size than the regular ones but the slices are still more juicy than ever.

There are still other designs such as Wonder Woman and Batman! 

*faints from cuteness overload*

SunMoon Premium Pressurized Cold Juices

One of their latest products that I just got to try (They are readily available at most 7-11 stores in Singapore!!)

According to SunMoon:

"Introducing our latest SunMoon High Pressure Processing (HPP) juices, these are goodness packed into bottles with absolute no heat pasteurization so that you get all the nutrients and full flavours! So good that you’ll be stocking up for more!"

The 3 flavors - Mandarin Orange, Mixed Berries and Lychee!

Being a huge fan of fruit juices, I was quite excited to try these new series of products. 
To be honest, my expectations were quite high - and YES, they met them.
I was very surprised they actually tasted like fresh juices from the market. Storing them cold and sipping the juices down my throat after a hot day was just... Whoa.
I find it really impressive how SunMoon is able to capture the goodness and freshness of the fruits - and preserve them. 
Initially, I thought the "Mixed Berries" flavor would taste like Ribena - but it actually tasted like real berries. Okay, I am not sure how to describe it - If you are a fan of berries, I am sure you will not want to miss it. Just try, lah!

I have tried some other preserved so-called "natural" juices before, but they tasted nothing like SunMoon's.

Each bottle came with a "Made from 100% Juice" tag - Contains Vitamin C!

My personal favorite would be the Lychee flavor. The taste was just rich!
I'm gonna restock more in my fridge soon - I mean, there is no reason not to get them since they are healthy drinks. HAHAHA.

If you guys would like to give them a try too, just head down to your nearest 7-11 store - Trying once will probably convince you.
Alternatively, they are sold in packs ONLINE, too!


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