Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Photoshoot after so long! :-)

It's high time I should be more hardworking and start updating my blog regularly before I get forgotten *sniffs*
Nonetheless, I am still thankful to all those who are still following my blog after so long - Thank you for your support! 

Many things have happened in my life recently - Ups and downs, but I guess I shall focus more on the positive ones. 
One of the happier recent things that I did was a photoshoot with my dear photographer friend, Sam Song (SS). (It has been AGES since I last had a photoshoot. As some of you may know, I have not been participating in any photoshoots since I held a full-time job - AND I REALLY MISSED IT!!)

I have had the blessing to know Sam and his lovely wife-cum-assistant, Angie, many years back - and we had decided to come together to do another shoot again after so long! 
Despite the fact that I have really gotten rusty and not as flexible as before in terms of posing in front of the camera, I felt so at ease and comfortable with them during the shoot (They are really very lovable people whom I truly enjoyed working with). I am really grateful to both of them for accommodating and being so patient with me. Especially Angie, who had provided such great assistance. :)  

Although many of you may have seen the images on my Facebook already, I shall re-post them here just to share a few of his work! 

(Note: I understand I may look like a foreign bride, but please do not use the images for any dating websites hor! All images copyright: Sam Song Photography)

Got look like my true self, SGCOMPLAINQUEEN or not?!! Haha. Honestly, I have always been a fan of Sam's work, and I felt really honored to be able to work with him on the shoot. (If you are reading this, Sam, here's a shoutout to you and Angie: THANK YOU!!!)

I just think that he is a VERY talented photographer with great skills. I am in absolute awe of his scenery shoots as well.  
One can tell that his photographs aren't just a minute's work but tons of effort invested in them.

If anyone is interested to view more of his work or engage his services as your photographer (which I am certain you WON'T regret, guarantee plus chop!), feel free to head over to his official photography page on Facebook at:

And in case you are wondering, no - he did not ask or pay me to advertise for him. I am just sharing what I think is really good! :-)
I hope you guys have enjoyed the pictures, I'll share more after my next shoot! :p

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